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Today, hobby flying has become inexpensive, and everyone can learn to fly in no time, especially teenagers. Drones have been quite a rage for a while ever since they have been commercialized, and they are on every teenager’s wish list these days.

However, drones can be an expensive toy, and since teenagers are amateur pilots in general, therefore, finding the best drone for teenagers without breaking your bank could be a little too tough. Although, a little hunt can find you some great budget options that you may use for beginner training at a very reasonable price. 

Here are some of the best drones for young teen kids reviewed to help you make a purchase decision.

  1. Altair Aerial AA108
  2. Holy Stone HS100
  3. F181W Holy Stone Drone
  4. HS200 Holy Stone Quadcopter
  5. Sky Viper V950HD Drone
  6. Potensic T25 Quadcopter
  7. Eachine E58 Foldable Drone

1. Altair Aerial AA108 – The Best Drone For Teenager

Altair Aerial AA108 is at #1 for best drone for teenager.

For a drone that clocks at much less than 200 dollars, the Altair Aerial AA108 has an impeccable construction. You can easily compare it to a Mavic Pro level drone as far as the built is concerned. The robust construction quality makes it one of the best drones for teenagers and young kids. 

Moreover, the package includes four spare propeller replacements in case you end up breaking them, as it brings you a higher value of money. It is a ready-to-fly design that saves you from the hassle of assembling the drone.


The Altair has paid particular attention to the fact that its primary customer base will comprise of beginners. Hence, it has been equipped with quite a few functions that make it very easy to fly a drone. 

The one-touch take-off and landing make it simple, and headless mode makes navigating the drone much more manageable. Features such as emergency-shutdown are an added safety value.

Besides that, it has excellent flight stability along with different skill settings for you to master the art of flying before you graduate to a more advanced drone.


Despite being a beginner drone, the Altair AA108 is equipped with a 120 degree wide angled 720p HD camera. It allows you to capture high-quality photos and videos, which makes it great for aspiring photographers. 


The AA108 by Altair Aerial comes with two batteries with a maximum flight time of 10 minutes each. You can double flight time to 20 minutes with a spare battery.

2. Holy Stone HS100 – Drone For Beginners & Teens

Holy Stone HS100 is at # 2 for best drone for teenager

Holy Stone is one of the cult favorites when it comes to pocket-friendly beginner drones because of its top-notch construction and super cool features. The safety features and ease of use make it an absolute love for budget buyers and teenagers.

HS100 is a popular Holy Stone drones under $150 and has a sleek and professional look. It comes with brushed motors like most low-cost drones. Although the large body offers ample wind resistance and stability when the drone is in the air. Despite being a large drone, it can be folded into a compact mini quadcopter drone.


The HS100 is loaded with some super smart features for a drone at this price point. The precise GPS connectivity offers features such as automatic return-to-home feature. 

Holy Stone HS100 is one of the best drones for teenagers

Besides that, another impressive feature is the Follow Me mode. This fantastic feature allows the drone to follow you as you move rather than being controlled via a controller.

Headless mode, altitude hold feature, and a key to take off / land feature make it the best drone for teens and young kids.


The HS100 sports a high-quality 2K camera with a 120-degree FOV. The camera is adjustable for up to 90 degrees, which is an added plus and lets you get creative with your images and footage as a beginner. The 5Ghz connectivity allows a smooth FPV transmission on the controller. 


The Holy Stone HS100 supports an 18-minute flight on a single battery run, which is quite reasonable for a beginner drone. 

3. Holy Stone F181W – Best Drone For Young Kids

Holy Stone F181W is at # 7 for the best drones for teenagers and kids.

The Holy Stone F181W FPV Wi-Fi drone is one of the best quadcopters for beginners to capture great pictures and have a lot of fun. It convinces with outstanding quality and modern design.

Since this drone is straightforward to fly, therefore it is even suitable for teenagers who never had their drone flying experience. Due to the stable built quality, it can also sustain crashes. Furthermore, if something breaks, the spare parts are widely available and can be easily replaced.


Another great feature of this top-rated drone is FPV (First Person View) option, which is operated via the smartphone app. The built-in Full HD 1080p camera is stable and delivers good pictures. The camera can be adjusted in all angles. The best thing about this F181W drone is the gesture control selfie option, which allows young selfie enthusiasts teens to capture excellent air selfie.

F181W by Holy Stone is the best drone for teens and yound kids.

Of course, the camera does not produce the results you expect from a GoPro, which can be attached to the drone. If you already own GoPro or any other sports camera, you can consider buying a GoPro drone without a camera.


This drone comes with dual controlling options, through a transmitter that comes with the package and through the smartphone. It also features a headless mode, which is a must for teenage kids. Furthermore, this drone can be controlled with voice commands.

Holy stone F181w is voice and gesture controlled slefie drone is the best drone for teens and kids.

The altitude control function works particularly well, and the drone hovers calmly and stables in the air. The F181W by Holy Stone masters all other standard features that you can expect from a drone under 100 dollars

The best thing about this drone is it is capable of performing aerial stunts and 3D flips. Check out our in-depth Holy Stone F181W review to know more about this beginner drone.


This Holy Stone F181W drone comes with a spare battery and takes about 60 to 90 to charge fully. A single battery can fly this drone for around 8 to 10 minutes. Therefore you can fly this drone for about 15-20 minutes.

4. Holy Stone HS200 – Easy to Fly Quadcopter

Holy Stone HS200 is at #4 for best drone for teens and young kids

The HS200 is yet another superior quality product by the famous drone brand Holy Stone. Like all other Holy Stone quadcopters, the HS200 remains true to its signature build quality with robust construction and sleek design. 

If you are looking for a super economical product with maximum features, the HS200 is probably the best buy. The red and black exterior brings a very modern and edgy touch to the drone’s aesthetics. One of the most commendable design features is that it comes with spare landing parts, making it much more durable. 


Holy Stone drones are known to be high in their features game, and the HS200 is no different. It consists of some super impressive features that make it a thoroughly enjoyable purchase. Besides multiple speed modes, the drone allows you to perform some cool stunts at the touch of a button. 

Furthermore, it has some impressive features such as altitude hold, headless mode, and gravity sensor. The one-touch emergency return is an excellent feature for teens that allows for safe landing during emergencies.


Unlike most other drone cams, the HS200 has a basic 720p camera that takes images in 2MP. That being said, this product is targetted at budget consumers and is not marketed as a camera drone for kids. Therefore, as long as the camera is not your key purchase influencer, you may let it pass for the overall flight experience that the drone offers. 


The HS200 has a minimal 9 minutes of flight time, which can be increased by purchasing additional spare batteries.

5. Sky Viper V950HD Drone – Cheap Camera Drone For Kids

Sky Viper Video Drone V950HD is at # 3 for best drone for teenager and young kids

The Sky Viper V950HD might not look like a durable quadcopter physically; however, it does not get deceived by its looks. 

It is a light-weight yet flexible and robust structure specially designed for aggressive and untrained pilots. Since the design is flexible with room for bending, there is much less risk of breakage or damage during rough flights. 

The drone has bright LED lights that assist in night flying. The motor of the drone is further covered with motor protectors as another crash-resistance feature.


The V950HD Sky Viper drone is the best drone for teenagers and newbies. Furthermore, it has different speed and skill settings for pilots to practice and experiment. 

It does not have a bulky controller like most other quadcopters and has a small simplistic controller instead. Besides other regular features such as one-touch launching and landing, the one-touch stunt button is an exciting addition. This feature lets you perform mid-air stunts and flips at the touch of a button.


This Sky Viper drone has a high-quality 720p HD camera. The camera is capable of capturing gorgeous panoramic shots at a single touch with a full 250-degree view. You can install a MicroSD card of up to 4 GB that allows you to record up to 20 minutes of video.


The battery life of the Sky Viper V950HD remains the weakest link with only a maximum of 7 minutes of flight time. However, you can increase the flight time by purchasing spare batteries. On the plus side, the battery takes only 40 minutes for a full recharge, which is quite impressive.

6. Potensic T25 – Best Camera Drone For Kids & Adults

Potensic T25 is at # 5 for best drones for teens and kids

The Potensic has evolved and has been creating drone models with greater stability and excellent control, and the same is the case of the Potensic T25, which handles incredible aerial stability.

The Drone is ideal for people who are starting in this exciting world of drones. T25 incorporates high-end drone features at a low price, with functionalities that are very useful when using it, especially for teens.


With some of the best selling Follow Me drones on the market, the Potensic has become a great exponent in easy to fly and quality drones.

It has a double global positioning system, with GPS + GLONASS, and immediately after take-off, the drone searches for the satellite signal to establish a connection.

With the help of just one button, you can make the drone return to its take-off point with excellent precision. Similarly, the drone will automatically return home when underpowered or weak signals.

Follow me feature and dual GPS free your hands, while the T25 drone automatically follows you, at the same time capturing all videos and photos. The trajectory mode allows the T25 drone to fly through a customized flight path.


This T25 camera drone is one of the most sold and #1 Best Seller drones we can find on the Amazon. It has a long series of evaluations behind it, mostly positive. The Potensic T25 is a drone that has a quality of 1080p, with 120º of wide-angle.

The camera has a 75° pan angle, which you can control from the remote, giving you a masterful facility to focus and take the best pictures and footage. The T25 Potensic Drone is capable of transmitting live FPV video feed so that you can see from your mobile everything that the drone is observing.

In order not to overuse the data channel between the cell phone and the drone, it sends the image in 720p quality, although the recording always remains in 1080p. You can adjust and configure these settings from the Drone App.


Potensic T25 comes with 1000mah modular battery and control range up to 300 meters allows you to see wider. For teen kids and beginners, the drone capable of flying 300 meters is considered as a long range quadcopter drone. It comes with two batteries, and each battery offers a flying time of 8 to 10 minutes.

Best drone for kids and teens

The wind conditions also affect the flying time of the drone. Similarly, you can always buy additional batteries to extend flight time. This drone for teenager comes with a silver aluminum case so that you can conveniently take it outdoors.

7. Eachine E58

Eachone E58 is at # 6 for best drone for teenagers

Getting the drone to fly could not be easier, thanks to Eachine. Since it has a folding structure, it is easy to carry this drone anywhere. Since the drone’s arms are replaceable, therefore you don’t need to worry if any of the arms get broken. 


Many experts consider Eachine E58 as one of the best camera drones for teenagers and young kids. It has a 720p camera and a wide-angle of up to 120º with an adjustable angle. Thus, it is capable of obtaining high-quality videos and images. 

Eachine E58 is the best quadcopter for kids and teens

It has FPV technology to transmit video in real-time through a Wi-Fi connection, which allows the user of the drone to see on the screen of their smartphone what the drone is seeing.


It is easy for everyone to fly this pocket-sized drone. The remote control that it brings is also simple to use and makes it the perfect ally for those who have never flown the drone before. 

It allows us to lock the location and height through the altitude hold option, achieving a stable flying experience so that we do not take any surprises along the way.

A single touch of a button makes this Mavic Pro Clone drone take-off/lands easy, making it the top drone for young kids. If things get ugly up there, you can push an emergency landing button to land on the ground properly.


It comes with three 500mAh lithium polymer batteries. It requires a charge of between 60-70 minutes to offer a flight time of 7-9 minutes from a single battery. 

Read our detailed review of this amazing Eachine E58 drone.


  • The battery can be charged without being removed from the quadcopter – only on the ground, of course.
  • It is recommended to buy another set of batteries right away, if you are planning longer trips.


Typically, drones are priced according to several factors such as brand goodwill, design quality, features, camera quality, and battery power. The purchase decision of a customer is often based on how they value each of the factors over one another.

However, when choosing a drone for your teenager, carefully outweigh each option and evaluate what features are more relevant to you and what you can settle for. For example, someone who has no experience with drones should value ease of use and safety features and can go for a drone without camera or an indoor drone over an advanced level features RC drones with live camera.

The budget and beginner drones are typically sought by customers who are constrained by their purchasing power. Therefore they may not be a winner in all departments because of the cost factor. Check our drone buying guides for all budgets below.

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