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Looking For The best drones under $100?

We have created the list of 12 best drones under 100 dollars with an average user rating of 4+ stars on Amazon.

Do you have a kid who has a drone on his wish list, but you do not want to break your bank?

Are you an aspiring vlogger or a videographer who wants to try your hand at a camera drone without investing a fortune?

Whether you wish to buy a toy drone for a kid’s birthday, or you are looking for the best beginner drone for yourself, you can easily find the best quadcopter under 100 dollars after reading our list which we have created after testing dozens of drones available on Amazon.

Here is the list of best drones under 100 dollars that you can consider buying according to my research.

  1. Altair Aerial Blackhawk
  2. Eachine E58
  3. Emax Tinyhawk Freestyle
  4. Force1 U34W Dragonfly
  5. Syma X22W
  6. Force1 F100GP
  7. Holy Stone HS220
  8. Sky Viper V950HD Video Drone
  9. Hscopter
  10. Snaptain SP650
  11. Simrex X900
  12. Snaptain A15

Comparison Chart For Best Quadcopter Drones Under $100


Click on image to zoom
Battery TimePrice
1Altair Aerial Blackhawk

17 minutesCheck Latest Price
2Eachine E58

9 minutesCheck Latest Price
3Emax Tinyhawk Freestyle

8 minutesCheck Latest Price
4Force1 U34W Dragonfly

12 minutesCheck Latest Price
5Syma X22W

9 minutesCheck Latest Price
6Force1 F100GP

17 minutesCheck Latest Price
7Holy Stone HS220

9 minutesCheck Latest Price
8Sky Viper V950HD Video Drone

10 minutesCheck Latest Price

12 minutesCheck Latest Price
10Snaptain SP650

12 minutesCheck Latest Price
11Simrex X900

15 minutesCheck Latest Price
12Snaptain A15

15 minutesCheck Latest Price

For the convenience of our readers, We have created a series of buying guides so that you can choose the best drone under your budget in 2022. 

1: Altair Ariel Blackhawk

CATEGORY: Best Drone For GoPro Under 100

altair aerial blackhawk is best beginner drone under 100
Specifications Key Features
Flight Time: 15 – 17 minutesGoPro Compatible
Charging Time: 3-4 hoursHeavy-Duty Build
Range: 300-500 metersBrushless Motor
Powered by: 1800mAh batteryPropeller Guards
LED Lights: YesHigh Landing Gear
Product Dimensions: 13.9×12.9×6.2 inchesHeadless Mode
Suitable Age: 14+ 6 Axis Gyros

Pricing and Design

For a drone that is priced as low as $99.80, this drone by Altair Ariel BlackHawk is one of the most impeccable players in the budget drone market. It has a rating of 4.3 stars on Amazon.

It is a heavy-duty, powerful camera drone that has excellent flight speed compared to the average rate that most drones in this price range have.

For a low priced drone, the flight duration of up to 17 minutes and a flipping range of up to 500 meters is quite impressive. Consequently, you can spend a reasonable time in the air to find those right shots and angles for your footage. It is the best long range drone for $100.


As far as the design goes, the Altair Ariel Blackhawk has a metal exterior with a strong and sturdy built to ensure durability. The military green and black combo add to the aesthetics of the equipment. It comes with a 6-axis gyro that allows excellent stability during flight.

Although the drone itself does not come with a built-in or an included camera, a camera mount is given that can comfortably accommodate GoPro Hero3 and Hero4 cameras.

The drone comes with a transmitter, which is quite basic but is well labeled. Since the drone has multiple flight models, you can experiment a lot and can play around with a lot of elements when using the drone to get visual footages.


The Altair Ariel Blackhawk is operated by a 1800mAh powerful battery that gives an impressive flight time and power for a drone that costs so less. Moreover, the batteries are removable, which means you can keep spare batteries just in case your drone runs out of the batteries. 

Read more about this GoPro compatible drone, check out our in-depth Altair Aerial Blackhawk review here.

What is in the box (Altair Aerial BlackHawk)
  • Altair Aerial BlackHawk Drone
  • Transmitter Remote
  • 1800mAh Li-po Battery
  • Charger
  • Propeller Guards (4)
  • Propeller Blades (4)
  • Landing Feets
  • Camera Mount
Camera mount for GoPro & other action camerasNo camera included
Long flight range 300-500 metersAdding GoPro & action cameras can add weight to drone thus affecting battery life
Longer flight time of 17 minutes
Mounted bright LED light at the front
Different speed modes
Easy to perform 360 stunts
Durable body

2: Eachine E58

CATEGORY: Best Foldable Drone Under 100

eachine e58 is the best fpv drone under 100
Specifications Key Features
Flight Time: 7 – 9 minutes120° HD Camera
Charging Time: 60-70 minutesFoldable Structure
Range: 100 metersDual Control Option
Powered by: 500mAh batteryOne-Key Return To Home
LED Lights: YesOne-Key Take-off / Landing
Product Dimensions: 10.6 x 7.7 x 2 inchesHeadless Mode
Suitable Age: 14+Altitude Hold & Gravity Sensor

Pricing and Design

Eachine E58 is one of the best drones under 100 with HD camera on the racks. At $69.99, this drone is certainly a steal. It is been rated at an average of 4 stars by more than 800 people.

The features and camera functions that are included in the package makes it an exceptional purchase. The DJI Mavic Pro profoundly inspires the drone in terms of design and features.

It has a compact foldable design therefore it an excellent buy for those who travel a lot. The size of the drone is small enough to be able to fit in an adult human palm. 


The Eachine E58 drone comes with WiFi FPV enabled HD camera that allows you to capture great shots for your footage. For a price tag of way less than $100, the features of this Eachine E58 drone makes it an unbeatable contender on the list.

Despite being small and lightweight, the drone has a strong and sturdy built. The Eachine has grabbed a lot of attention for its impressive safety features. The “Return to Home” is a lifesaver for people who have little control over drones.

The package contains a primary transmitter that handles most functions amazingly well. On the downside, keeping the drone stable in windy conditions can be a bit of a struggle. Besides, the known Follow Me feature is missing.

If you like to read more about this DJI Mavic Pro clone drone, check out our in-depth review of Eachine E58 pocket drone.

What is in the box (Eachine E58)
  • Eachine E58 Drone
  • Transmitter Controller
  • 500mAh Li-po Battery (already installed in the drone)
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 4 protection Guards
  • 2 Extra propeller Blades with Blades clip
  • Screwdriver
  • User Manual
Trajectory Flight ModeHandling is difficult in steady wind
Real-Time transmissionOn record videos at 20 fps.
3D VR Compatible
No worry about losing the drone
Cool stunts with a push of a button
Multiple speed options
Wifi FPV Transmission
App control

3: EMAX TinyHawk FreeStyle

Category: Best Racing Drone Under 100

Emax tinyhawk freestyle is the best Racing Drone under 100 dollars
Specifications Key Features
Flight Time: 5 – 8 minutesBrushless Motor
Charging Time: 20-30 minutesDual Battery
Range: 100 metersCarbon Fiber Body Frame
Powered by: 450mAh batteryMicro Size
LED Lights: NoCMOS Camera
Weight: 53 gramsFast Speed
Built Material: Carbon FiberLight Weight

Design and Price

Clocking at 99.99 bucks, the Emax TinyHawk FreeStyle is one of the best drones under 100 for beginners. It is a versatile drone with a compact design and lightweight that makes controls much easier for newbies. The structure is strong and sturdy with decent shock resistance. 


The Emax TinyHawk FreeStyle boasts impressive features for a small beginner level drone. The brushless motors and multiple built-in flight mode that gives remarkable flight experience both indoors and outdoors.

The drone is capable of impeccable maneuvering and stunts, which explains why this product is famous as a racing drone. The 600 TVL camera and FPV feature truly enhance your flying experience.

Battery and Flight Duration

The drone comes with a 450mAh removable battery and a multi-battery charger, which is a great deal for a drone cost $99 and an average user rating of 4.2 stars on Amazon.

Although the flight time is a very tight 4 minutes, you can increase your flight duration by having a few extra batteries at your disposal.

What is in the box (EMAX TinyHawk Freestyle)
  • Tinyhawk Freestyle Drone
  • 2 x 450mAh Battery
  • USB Charger Board
  • Extra Propeller Set
  • Screw Pack
  • User Manual
  • Portable Carrying Case
FPV Flight ModeShort flying range
Racing DroneShort flying time
Easy to perform stunts
Carrying Case
USB Charger
Easy To Fly
Smooth & stable flight
Quick Charging

4: Force1 U34W DragonFly

Category: Best Mini Drone Under 100

force1 u34w dragonfly is the best drone under $100
Specifications Key Features
Flight Time: 10 – 12 minutes 720p HD Camera
Charging Time: 90 – 120 minutesLive FPV Video
Range: 60-80 metersSmartPhone App Control
Powered by: 350mAh batteryGravity Mode
LED Lights: YesOne-Key Take-off / Landing
Product Dimensions: 10.2 x 9.2 x 4.4 inchesHeadless Mode
Suitable Age: 14+Altitude Hold


This drone by Force1 is yet another entry-level drone, which is an excellent buy for beginners. The user rating for this drone is 4.1 stars on Amazon.

This drone is palm-sized and has a toy drone design. That means the Force1 U34W DragonFly is exempted from drone regulations in most countries since it qualifies as a toy nano drone based on its size.

This Force1 quadcopter has an astounding durable built for a drone that small. It works great as both indoor and outdoor drones under light wind conditions, making it one of the best fpv drone under 100 dollars.


The Force1 U34W dragonfly has remarkable safety features. The battery and flight range alarms add to the safety protocols. The headless feature is an excellent addition to an entry-level drone.

It comes with extra propellers just in case you damage one. The controls are user-friendly and straightforward with one-touch take-off and landing buttons, which are great for even kids.  

The drone is equipped with an impressive 720p camera with a 120-degree wide-angle shooting mode, which gives you quality pictures. 

Flight Range and Duration

Force1 U34W DragonFly has decent battery times, which allows it to stay up to 12 minutes in the air. The flight range is up to 80 meters, which is reasonably good for a beginner drone.

What is in the box (Force1 U34W DragonFly)
  • U34W DragonFly Drone
  • Control Transmitter
  • Extra Propellers
  • 350mAh Battery (2)
  • USB Charger
  • Screwdriver
  • User Manual
Indoor & Outdoor FlyingFixed Camera
Real-Time transmissionNo Memory Card
3D VR Compatible
Starter Drone
360 Flips and Stunts
App Control
User Friendly Control
2 Batteries

5: Syma X22W Mini Drone

Category: Best Entry Level Drone Under 100

syma x22w is at #5 for the best drones under 100
Specifications Key Features
Flight Time: 7-9 minutes720p HD camera
Charging Time: 1 hourHeadless Mode
Range: About 25 metersAltitude Hold
Powered by: 400mAh batteryReal-Time Video
LED Lights: YesGravity Sensor
Product Dimensions: 5.7 x 5.6 x 1.2 inchFlight Track Mode
Weight: 70 gramsAdjustable Speed Modes

Design and Pricing

The SYMA X22W is a pocket-sized drone which explains why it is marketed as a mini toy drone and is sold at less than $55. The rating of this drone on Amazon is 4.5 stars with more than 240 reviews.

Although the exterior is plastic, the drone is made up of high-quality ABS plastic with a sturdy built. The jet red coating and satin finish make the drone aesthetically appealing.


Since the Syma X22W mini drone is ideal for beginners and older kids, it is a breeze to fly this drone. SYMA is a trusted name when it comes to regular drones, and the low price of this drone did not compromise on the hallmark safety features of Syma.

Besides battery alarms, this drone is also equipped with air pressure barometers to detect and adjust pressure levels to ensure a stable flight. That is an impressive feature for a low priced drone.

The automatic landing and return to home feature further enhance the safety levels. For a toy drone, it would be unfair to expect professional-grade camera quality. However, as a beginner level drone, the 720p HD shots are still remarkable at this price point.

Battery and Flight Duration

The Syma X22W mini drone has a removable battery that supports a flight duration of 8 minutes. However, the drone comes with an additional battery, which can be used to increase the flight duration to up to 16 minutes.

If you like to read more about this amazing mini drone, check out our in-depth Syma X22 review.

What is in the box (SYMA X22W)
  • SYMA X22W Mini Drone
  • 2 x 400mAh Batteries
  • Transmitter
  • Extra 4 Propellers
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Charge box
  • Mobile Phone Retaining Clip
  • Screwdriver
  • Instruction Manual
One-Key Take-off & LandingShort Flight Range
Real-Time transmissionIn steady wind handling becomes difficult
User Friendly
Trajectory flight option
360 flips & rolls feature
App control
Extra battery and propeller guards
12 months warranty

6: Force1 F100G

Category: Best Drone Under 100 With HD Camera

force1 f100gp is the best drones with camera under $100
Specifications Key Features
Flight Time: 15 – 17 minutesHD Action Camera
Charging Time: 2-3 hoursGoPro Compatible
Range: 500 meters2 Speed Modes
Powered by: 1800mAh battery360 Flips & Stunts
LED Lights: YesBrushless Motor
Product Dimensions: 8.6 x 8.6 x 2.6 inchesEasy To Fly

Design and Pricing

The Force1 F100GP is one of the most outstanding drones for the price point it is sold at. It has an average rating of 4.2 stars on Amazon.

The Force1 F100GP drone has a sleek design that exudes sheer class and elegance. The drone has a remarkable building with the four high legs being the most dominating feature of the plan. The landing pads are added to facilitate smooth landing without risking the camera, but it also adds to the aesthetic appeal.


The Force1 F100GP is one of the most impressive drones when it comes to performance and features. It comes with a dual-speed setting and flies at an incredibly fast speed, even at a lower speed setting.

The 1080p HD camera can be mounted securely right under the hull and can grab the most majestic shots and videos.

The drone is equipped with air pressure barometers and gyros for stability and altitude hold. The drone has GoPro compatible. Therefore, it is highly recommended for people who have an action camera.

Battery and Flight

The Force F100 drone uses rechargeable and removable batteries. The package includes two batteries, and each one of them can support a flight time of up to 15 minutes.

What is in the box (Force1 F100GP)
  • F100GP Drone
  • 1080p HD Action Camera + Camera Mount
  • Remote Controller
  • 2 x 1800mAh Batteries
  • Charger
  • 3 Body Covers (Black, Blue, & White)
  • High Landing Feet (4)
  • Extra Propellers (4)
  • Propeller Guards (4)
  • Screwdriver & Wrench
  • User Manual
Long flight distance5-10 minutes cool-down interval required
GoPro compatible Spare parts are difficult to find
3 Colorful body shells
Longer flight time
1080P HD action camera
360 flips and rolls
High landing gears
App control

7: HolyStone HS220

Category: Best Drone For Beginners Under 100

holy stone hs 220 is the best fpv drone under 100
Specifications Key Features
Flight Time: 7-9 minutes720p HD Camera
Charging Time: 150 minutesLive FPV Video
Range: 40-60 metersGravity Control Mode
Powered by: 750mAh batteryOne-Key Take-off / Landing
LED Lights: Yes 3D Flips & Rolls
Product Dimensions: 7.67 x 7.67 x 1.57 InchesHeadless Mode
Suitable Age: 14+Altitude Hold


It is fair to call this Holy stone HS220 as the best drone under 100 dollars. Surely It is one of the smartest drones in terms of design aesthetics. It is a lightweight monochrome quadcopter with a compact and foldable design.

Its weight and design make it an excellent pick for travel purposes since it can be easily folded. A portable carrying case is also provided with the drone.


Although the Holy Stone HS220 sports many remarkable features, the most outstanding fact is that it can be synced and controlled with any Android or iOS smartphone.

The handheld remote control cum battery charger is yet another impressive feature that you rarely find in any other drones. The SD card is an excellent feature that wishes to store their media files.


The Holy Stone HS220 uses a rechargeable battery that takes about 150 minutes to charge the batteries. The battery allows the drone to fly for a maximum of 9 minutes, which is very low for a battery that takes over an hour to recharge. 

What is in the box (HOLYSTONE HS220)
  • Holy Stone HS220 Drone (Red)
  • Transmitter
  • 2 x 750mAh
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Extra 4 Propellers
  • Screwdriver
  • 4 x Spare Mats
  • Propeller Spinner
  • Portable Carrying Case
  • User Manual
Foldable DesignFlight not very stable in a windy condition
Real-Time transmission
App control
2 Flight Modes
Custom Flight Route
Attractive Color
Carrying Case
Stunts & Flips

8: Sky Viper V950HD

Category: Best Stunt Drone Under 100

sky viper v950hd is best racing drone with camera under $100
Specifications Key Features
Flight Time: 5 – 10 minutesFPV HD Camera
Charging Time: 1 hourSD Card Supported
Range: 80-100 metersPanoramic Video
Powered by: 650mAh batteryDuraflex Body
LED Lights: YesOne-Key Stunts
Product Dimensions:  2.8 x 18 x 13 inchesSensitivity Control Feature
Suitable Age: 14+Adjustable Camera Angle


In the list of best drones under 100, the Sky Viper V950 HD is a fun gadget for beginners who wish to try their hand at flying drones. The design theme is rather funkier compared to other counterparts; the built of this drone is very durable. The robust duraflex structure offers excellent shock resistance for novice flyers. 


The one-touch controls remain one of the critical factors that make this drone stand out amongst others. The Sky viper sports a magnificent 720 p HD camera that facilitates capturing the most Panasonic shots.

The included 4GB SD card is another bonus that allows you to achieve the most majestic shots. With its excellent crash resistance, the V950 is a great drone for those who are aiming to learn drone flying before investing in a more professional product.

Battery and Flight Duration

This Sky Viper drone comes with a rechargeable Lipo battery that takes up to 40 minutes to recharge. A fully charged battery runs a flight of up to 8 minutes, which is somewhat limited.

However, you can upgrade the flight time to 15 minutes by using the 650mAh batteries, which need to be purchased as a separate. The drone can ascend to an altitude of 200 feet, which is pretty impressive for a beginner level drone.

What is in the box (Sky Viper V950HD)
  • V950HD Drone
  • Controller Transmitter
  • 4GB MicroSD Card
  • USB Adapter
  • 650mAh Battery
  • Charging Cable
  • 4 Extra Blades & Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • User Manual
Durable BodyOverpowered By Strong Wind
Real-Time transmissionCamera not so good
Easy to perform stunts & rolls
130° Adjustable angle
SkyPro Camera
Panoramas views
4GB MicroSD Card Included
Attractive Color & Design

9: Hscopter

Category: Dual Camera Drone Under 100

HSCOPTER is the best drone under 100 with hd camera
Specifications Key Features
Flight Time: 11 – 12 minutesDual camera (Full HD & HD)
Range: 80 metersLive Transmission
Powered by: 1000mAh batteryLost Control Protection Feature
LED Lights: YesOne-Key Take-off / Landing
Product Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 2.75 inchesHeadless Mode
Suitable Age: 14+Altitude Hold

Design and Pricing

This RC quadcopter by Hscopter is a one-piece ready to fly a drone. The foldable compact design makes it very easy for kids to use it since it does not require any assembling.

This drone sells for less than 100 dollars on Amazon, which makes it a great pick considering the features that it has to offer.


Although this drone by Hscopter is mainly marketed as a basic level drone, the features are still awe-inspiring for an amateur category drone.

The drone has some astounding safety features such as one-touch take-off and landing, headless mode, and lost control protection. The FPV option, along with altitude hold and 360-degree flip options, adds value to the user experience.

One of the most striking features of the Hscopter that made it into the list of best 100 dollar drones is that it is equipped with two cameras, a 1080p HD front camera, along with an additional 720p camera at the bottom. It looks similar to the beetle shaped Scharkspark SS41 dual-camera drone.

The cameras not only allow you to take majestic shots and videos, but also edit and share them on social media in real-time. It is an imposing feature for a basic drone.

Battery and Flight Time

This drone has a super impressive battery time and flight time profile. The drone comes packaged with two spare batteries, and each battery can support up to 12 minutes of flight time. 

What is in the box (HSCOPTER)
  • HSCOPTER Drone Quadcopter
  • Remote Control
  • 1000mAh Battery (2)
  • Extra Propellers (4)
  • USB Charger
  • User Manual
  • User Manual for App
Dual Camera The control range is limited
Live-Video Transmission
360 Flips
No worry about losing the drone
App control
2 Batteries
Sleek Design
3 Speed Modes


Category: Best Selling Drone Under 100

Snaptain Sp650 drone is best quadcopter under 100
Specifications Key Features
Flight Time: 12 minutes 1080P Full HD Camera
Charging Time: 2 hours 3 Speed Modes
Range: 80 metersVoice Control
Powered by: 1000mAh batteryGesture Control
LED Lights: YesOne-Key Take-off / Landing
Product Dimensions: 10.6 x 10.6 x 4.40 inchesHeadless Mode
Suitable Age: 14+Altitude Hold

Pricing and Design 

Priced at less than 90 dollars, this exceptionally amazingly designed drone is at number ten in our list of best drone for under 100 dollars.

The drone is made up of highly durable ABS plastic topped with a jet black coating, which gives it a more professional look. The hull is equipped with landing pads and decent crash resistance to allow smooth landings.


The SNAPTAIN drones are generally famous for their camera quality, and this model stands true to the signature hallmark. This drone is equipped with a built-in 1080p HD camera that has a 120 degree Field of View along with camera adjustability of up to 90 degrees. The camera output is astonishingly high for a drone cam sold at this price point.

Some of the most exciting control features that this quadcopter sports include Gesture Control Voice Control and Gravity Control. 

Also Check Snaptain S5c drone, it is one of the most sold drone on Amazon with more than 5300 user reviews.

Battery & Flight Duration

This Snaptain drone uses removable batteries with a single battery supporting a flight time of about 12 minutes. You can get additional battery packs to extend your flying time to 60 minutes. The box, however, is packaged with a single battery only, and the extra batteries will have to be purchased separately.

What is in the box (SNAPTAIN SP650)
  • SNAPTAIN SP650 Quadcopter
  • 2.4G Remote controller
  • 2 x 1000mah Li-ion Battery
  • 4x Additional Blades
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Propeller Guards
  • Screwdriver & Screws
  • User Manual
  • Pair Of Landing Gear
  • Clip To Hold Phone
Durable BuiltNo SD Card Included
Real-Time transmissionShort Flight Range
Easy to perform Stunts
One Key Return
Trajectory Flight
Can be controlled from remote and Phone App
Longer Flight Time
Circle Fly

11: Simrex X900

Category: Best Pocket Drone Under 100

best drones under 100 for beginners with camera
Specifications Key Features
Flight Time: 12 – 15 minutesOptical Flow Positioning
Charging Time: 90 Minutes360 Flips & Rolls
Range: 80-120 metersVR Compatible
Powered by: 1200mAh batteryMultiple Control (Remote & SmartPhone)
LED Lights: YesOne-Key Return
Product Dimensions: 5.1 x 3.5 x 1.8 inchesHeadless Mode
Suitable Age: 14+Altitude Hold

Design and Pricing 

With more than 450 users rating, Simrex X900 is at 11th number in the list of best drones under 100. Priced at barely $80, this is one of the best beginner drone with cameras available in the market.

The Simrex X900 is designed as a robust quadcopter with excellent impact resistance. The foldable and portable sleek design is yet another plus point. 


Despite being a budget drone, the Simrex X900 is loaded with features. However, it’s camera quality happens to be the most astounding feature of all. Although a 1080p HD camera is a common element in many drones, it is still very rare in drones that are priced so low. However, the camera is fixed and does not allow you to adjust the angles.

Like most beginner drones, the Simrex X900 is also equipped with user-friendly controls with different speed settings. The controls are very easy and allow you to experiment, which makes it a great training drone.

Battery and Flight Time

The Simrex X900 is equipped with a rechargeable battery that has a charge time of 90 minutes. Once fully charged, the drone k fly for about 15 minutes with a flight range of a decent 120 meters.

What is in the box (SIMREX X900)

  • SIMREX Quadcopter
  • Controller
  • Phone Holder
  • Charging Cable (Adapter not included in the box)
  • Lipo Battery
  • 4 Propeller Protection Guard
  • Extra 4 Propellers
  • User Manual
One-Key Take-off / LandingShort flight range
Real-Time transmissionFixed Camera
3D VR CompatibleIn steady wind handling becomes difficult
Foldable & Sleek Design
3 Speed Modes
No worry about losing the drone
Longer flight time
SmartPhone App & Remote Control

12: Snaptain A15 FPV Camera Drone

snaptain a15 is at #12 for best drone under 100
Specifications Key Features
Flight Time: 15 minutes 120° Wide-angle 720P HD Camera
Weight: 650 gramsSmart Voice Control Feature
Range: 80 metersTrajectory Flight Mode
Powered by: 2 Lithium-ion batteriesFPV Real-Time Transmission
LED Lights: YesOne-Key Take-off / Landing
Product Dimensions: 11.4 x 7.8 x 3.1 inchesHeadless Mode
Suitable Age: 14+Altitude Hold

Design and Pricing

SNAPTAIN is undoubtedly one of the most reliable names in the drone industry. However, it is mostly associated with professional-grade products. Snaptain A15 is the most recommended and surely the best drone under 100.

This drone is made in the United States and has attracted a lot of attention due to its DJI inspired design and amazing additional features, which makes it one of the best drones under 100. 

The Snaptain A15 drone camera can be neatly folded and slipped into your bag or luggage to make traveling easy with the camera. Although it still lacks the most safety features that DJI Mavic boasts, the lower pricing compensates well for that shortcoming.

It is a very lightweight product; therefore, it can easily pass regulatory restrictions for most countries.


The Snaptain A15 quadcopter can be used as both an indoor and an outdoor drone, which makes it one of the best entry-level drone. However, it might not perform very well under extremely windy conditions.

The package includes two batteries that give a flight time of eight minutes each. The transmitter range is a good 80 meters, which makes this drone a tremendous experimental purchase for beginners.

The drone comes with a 720p HD camera with 120-degree wide angling, which allows it to cover panoramic shots and footages. 

Another highly impressive feature that is usually missing in low priced drones is a trajectory flight option. The drone allows you to preset a trajectory for your quadcopter so that the drone takes that particular route. 

If you are a little adventurous, you can use this drone for some flying experience and along with some flips and turns. The stabilization is very impressive, and the altitude hold feature allows you to take some beautiful shots.

One of the most critical safety features, which makes it great for beginners, is the headless mode feature that ups the safety game significantly. Read more about this amazing voice-controlled, Snaptain A15 foldable drone.

3D Flips & RollsShort Flying Range
Gravity SensorNo SD Card Slot
3D VR Compatible
3 Speed Modes
IOS & Android App
Easy to share video & pictures
Longer flight duration
Low Price for the features it has to offer

Quick Tips:

  • If you simply need a toy drone for young teens, you can eliminate a camera entirely from a drone and let your kids play with a fun flying object.
  • If you are a beginner, make sure you pay special attention to crash resistance and other safety feature in order to avoid the loss and safety of your equipment. 
  • For beginners, it is always recommended to fly at low-speed initially, then gradually increase speed levels.
  • Always check your battery status before flying the drone, as so many budget drones don’t offer low battery alarm or signal, thus a possibility of crash landing or losing your drone.
  • Avoid flying your drone in rain, lightning, snowfall, or fog as it can cause damage to your drone.
  • Avoid breaking the remote controller by flying gently and avoid sharp pressure on the stick and buttons.


It would be a good idea to evaluate precisely what purpose your drone is meant to serve so that you can avoid spending on anything which might be unnecessary. If the camera isn’t an essential factor for you, you can go for drones without a camera or cheap indoor drones. Similarly, if you wish to enjoy live video feed, then choose accordingly.

If you are still unable to decide which drone to buy, check out buying guides of drones for 2022.

If you find this list & buying guide for the best drones under 100 helpful, leave your feedback below, and similarly, if you have a question, please feel free to ask, and we will get back to you.

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