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In our list of 13 best drones under 50 dollars, number 3rd & 11th is Amazon’s Choice. Also, all the drones on the list have at least 4+ stars rating on Amazon.

Drones and quadcopters were quite expensive when they were commercially launched at first. However, over the years, they underwent various technology upgrades, and today there are different models available for every budget and skill level.

Since drones are now widely used in photography, filmmaking, and vlogging, therefore flight features, and camera qualities play a vital role in influencing purchase decisions. As we already know that drone flying and aerial photography require a bit of practice, so many people think that it is a good idea to start with an inexpensive drone before they master flying skills.

Therefore, we receive a lot of emails where people ask, “Hey Eric, what is the best drone for under $50?” or “Eric, please help us finding the best cheap drone.”

This post is the answer to all of those people. You can find several decent options on Amazon that will offer you enough learning curve without breaking your bank account. 

Still, it’s highly suggested to read expert’s opinions to find out the best available options in your budget so you don’t lose even a single hard-earned penny with those cheap drones.

Therefore after testing dozens of drones, we have created a list of 13 best drones under 50 bucks, with detailed and honest reviews, top features, specifications, what is included in the box for each of these inexpensive quadcopters, and pros and cons of drones.

Here is the list of 13 best drones under $50 based on my research:

  1. Force1 U45WF
  2. Holy Stone HS370
  3. Potensic A30W FPV Drone
  4. Potensic D20 Nano Quadcopter
  5. TOPVISION X39-1
  6. SNAPTAIN SP300 Mini Drone
  7. AKASO A200 Drone
  8. DROCON Ninja Drone
  9. BLADE Nano QX BNF Quadcopter
  10. SYMA DoDoeleph X5A-1
  11. Potensic A20 Mini RC Drone (Upgraded)
  13. DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV Drone

Comparison Chart For Best Quadcopter Drones Under $50


Click on image to zoom
Battery TimePrice
1Force1 U45WF

16 minutesCheck Latest Price
2Holy Stone HS370

24 minutesCheck Latest Price
3Potensic A30W FPV Drone

8 minutesCheck Latest Price
4Potensic D20 Nano Quadcopter

7 minutesCheck Latest Price

16 minutesCheck Latest Price
6SNAPTAIN SP300 Mini Drone

16 minutesCheck Latest Price
7AKASO A200 Drone10 minutesCheck Latest Price
8DROCON Ninja Drone

8 minutesCheck Latest Price
9BLADE Nano QX BNF Quadcopter

7 minutesCheck Latest Price
10SYMA X21W Mini RC Drone with Camera

8 minutesCheck Latest Price
11Potensic A20 Mini RC Drone (Upgraded)

15 minutesCheck Latest Price
12Holy Stone HS170 Predator

8 minutesCheck Latest Price

9 minutesCheck Latest Price

1: Force1 U45WF

Category: Best GPS Drone Under 50 Dollars

Force1 U45WF is at #1 for best drones under 50 dollars
Specifications Key Features
Flight Time: 6 – 8 minutes (For each battery)720p HD Wi-Fi Camera
Charging Time: 50 minutesOne-Key Stunts & Flips Option
Range: 100 metersFPV Videos
Powered by: 500mAh batteryMotion Control Navigation
LED Lights: YesOne-Key Take-off / Landing Option
Product Dimensions: 17.7 x 10.5 x 3.7 inchesHeadless Mode
Weight: 128 gramsAltitude Hold Mode


Force enjoys quite a reputation for producing solidly built drones, and the U45WF variant is no exception. You rarely find budget drones that are so well designed. The high-quality plastic body with a sleek design does not only make it aesthetically appealing but also very durable.


Despite being marketed as a budget drone, the Force1 U45WF has excellent flight performance and features. It is effortless to launch a drone that can perform multiple 360-degree stunts at the touch of a button.

Besides, that headless mode and other advanced flight functions can be implemented swiftly with smartphone integrated controls. The 6-axis gyro provides excellent stability for beginner drone pilots.


Typically, budget drones under $50 do not focus much on camera quality, and some manufacturers do not even add a camera. Considering that, the 720P HD camera with FPV streaming is an excellent feature for a budget drone.


The U45WF drone comes with two removable batteries. Each battery allows a flight time of about 18 minutes, which can be doubled by using a spare battery.

What is in the box (Force1 U45WF)
  • Force1 U45WF Wi-Fi Drone
  • Remote Controller
  • Smartphone Mount
  • 500mAh Batteries x 3
  • USB Battery Charger
  • 4GB SanDisk Micro SD Card
  • SD Card Reader
  • Extra Propellers x 4
  • Screwdriver
  • User Manual
Great for beginners5-10 minutes cool-down interval required.
Real-Time FPV transmissionSome users find it difficult to navigate.
HD Camera
Trajectory flight mode
VR Supported
Easy to perform stunts & flips
Longer flight time
FlyingSee SmartPhone App

With all the exciting features, great battery timing, and solid build quality, this drone has everything to be considered as the best drone under 50 dollars.

2: Holy Stone HS370

Category: Best FPV Drone Under 50 Dollars

Holy Stone HS370 is at #2 for best drones under 50 dollars
Specifications Key Features
Flight Time: 12 minutes (Each Battery)720P HD camera
Charging Time: 80 minutesMotion Control Navigation Option
Range: 30 metersVoice Control (Take-off/Landing)
Powered by: Modular Li-po batteryGesture Control Selfie Option
LED Lights: YesOne-Key Take-off / Landing
Product Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 1.4 inchesHeadless Mode
Weight: 171 gramsAltitude Hold Mode
Suitable Age: 14+One-key Return Mode


Modern technology and innovation are all about “small is powerful,” and the Holy Stone HS370 is a classic example of such design protocols. For a drone that has such a compact design and weighs barely 171 grams, the Holy Stone HS 370 is an exceptional and one of the best drones under 50 bucks.

The small dimensions of the drone are designed for stability and portability, and you can even easily carry the drone in your pocket.


For a drone that looks like a toy, the HS370 gives a surprisingly exceptional performance. Since it is marketed as a beginner level drone, the HS370 is loaded with many automatic flight functions.

Options such as one-key takeoff and landing, emergency landing, gesture control, Headless mode, and Trajectory draw are a rare find in drones that are priced under 50 dollars. However, the follow-me mode is missing, which makes the drone follow you.


Although the camera is fixed at a 60-degree angle at the drone’s nose, the 720p camera allows you to take aerial footage with clear and crisp visual output. The camera also supports FPV streaming with a transmission range of 30 meters. Besides, it has a gesture control selfie feature, which makes it the best selfie drone.


The drone comes with two modular batteries that allow a total flight time of 24 minutes. You can increase your flight time further by purchasing extra batteries additionally. Each battery takes about 80 minutes to be fully charged.

What is in the box (Holy Stone HS370)
  • Holy Stone HS370 Drone
  • Remote Controller
  • 450mAah Battery x 2
  • Charging Cables x 2
  • Propellers x 8
  • Propellers Guard x 4
  • Phone Holder
  • User Manual
Easy to fly (Perfect for beginners)Flight is not very smooth
Real-time video transmissionToo light, thus bad performance in windy condition
One-touch share to social media
Longer flight duration (upto 24 minutes)
60° Adjustable angle
Design your path
Safe flight (Emergency Stop)
Extra Battery

3: Potensic A30W FPV Drone

Category: Best Cheap Drone Under $50

Potensic A30w FPV Drone is at #3 for best drones under 50 dollars
Specifications Key Features
Weight: About 145 gramsHD Camera
Powered by: 500mAh batteryReal-Time FPV Transmission
Flight Time: 6 – 8 minutesOne-Key Return
Charging Time: About 75 minutesTrajectory Mode
Range: 50 metersGravity Sensor
Product Dimensions: 8 x 5.7 x 3.7 inchesOne-Key Take-off / Landing
LED Lights: YesHeadless Mode
Suitable Age: 14+Altitude Hold


Potensic is a popular name amongst regular drone pilots, but the A30W variant is specially designed for the amateur market. The drone has a solid built and has excellent crash resistance for rough flights. The drone is equipped with propeller guards that add an extra layer of safety.


Like most other Potensic drones, the A30W has an outstanding flight performance. The one-touch flight controls make it very easy for beginners to brush up their flying skills. It allows some intelligent flight functions such as altitude hold and way-point flight with smartphone integration. 


The drone has a built-in 720p HD camera that gives a high-quality visual output. Although it is not designed for professional use, it will still give decent quality photos and video output along with a live FPV video feed.


Battery life is certainly not the strongest point of this Potensic drone. The package contains a single Lithium battery that supports a flying time between 6 to 8 minutes.

What is in the box (Potensic A30W FPV Drone)
  • Potensic A30W FPV Drone
  • Remote Controller
  • Detachable Battery
  • Charging Cable (USB)
  • Propellers x 8
  • User Manual
Perfect for beginnersLimited operating range
Low Battery AlertNo SD Card slot, thus all videos & pictures will be stored in the SmartPhone
3 Speed ModesCamera quality isn’t great
Protected Propellers Guards (Safety)
Manually Adjustable Angle
Affordable Price
Stylish Look & Attractive Color
App control

Potensic A30W FPV Drone is Amazon’s Choice and is #3 best drone under 50 dollars. This drone is available in two colors (Red & Blue)

4: Potensic D20 Nano Quadcopter

Category: Best Racing Drone Under $50 For Kids

Potensic D20 is at #4 for best drones under 50 dollars
Specifications Key Features
Weight: About 430 gramsFPV HD Wi-Fi Camera
Powered by: 450mAh batteryOne-Key Take-off / Landing
Flight Time: 5 – 7 minutesHeadless Mode
Charging Time: 1-hour approximatelyAltitude Hold
Range: 30 – 50 metersLow battery alarm
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 1.4 inchesRemovable Battery
LED Lights: YesOut of Range Alarm
Suitable Age: 14+Real-time Transmission


Despite being an entry level drone, the Potensic D20 has a sleek, professional-looking design. It has a solid built made of high-quality ABS plastic, which makes it last longer.

The aerodynamic design provides more excellent flight stability and wind resistance, and the propeller guards make it more shock absorbent.


One of the significant factors that make the D20 Nano stand out against all other competitors in terms of performance is the Intelligent Chip factor. The chip brings in the same stability as a 6-axis gyroscope. However, it makes the handling of this $50 drone a lot easier for newbies and beginners.


Like most other drones at this price point, the D20 Nano is also equipped with a 720p HD camera that captures stellar images and videos.


The 450 mAh battery gives a flight time of 7 minutes, which is, unfortunately, a stringent standard for most drones in this price bracket.


Potensic D20 Nano Quadcopter offers 3 different speed modes to satisfy users of all levels.

  1. Low-Speed Option: Around 18 km/h, suitable for beginner users.
  2. Medium-Speed Option: Around 24 km/h, suitable for users with somewhat fly experience.
  3. High-Speed Option: Around 36 km/h, suitable for expert-level users.
What is in the box (Potensic D20 Nano Quadcopter)
  • Potensic D20 Nano Drone
  • Remote Controller
  • 450mAh battery
  • USB Charger
  • Propeller Guards x 4
  • Extra Propellers x 4
  • Phone Holder
  • Screwdriver
  • User Manual
How to Fly Potensic D20 drone?
  1. Place the drone on a flat surface/ground.
  2. Turn on & pair Potensic D20 with the Remote controller.
  3. Unlock and press the one-key start button.
  4. Propellers start and the drone starts flying.
Compact SizeFixed angle Camera
Easy to fly especially for kids & beginnersShort flying range
3 Speed levelsAverage battery time
Real-time FPV video
Built-in Camera
High-quality ABS built
Affordable Price
Potensic App for Android & IOS


Category: Best Foldable Drone Under 50

Topvision x39-1 is at #5 for best drones under 50 dollars
Specifications Key Features
Weight: 340 gramsHD 120° FPV Wi-Fi Camera
Powered by: 3.7v 400mAh batteryReal-Time FPV Transmission
Flight Time: 6 – 8 minutes/batteryHeadless Mode
Charging Time: About 70 minutesOne-key 360 Rolls & Flips
Wi-Fi Range: 30 metersGesture Control Selfie Option
Product Dimensions: 3.9 x 3.7 x 2 inchesOne-Key Take-off / Landing
LED Lights: YesTrajectory Mode
Suitable Age: 14+Altitude Hold


The TOPVISION X39 is a very stylish and smart drone. The black coating with gold accents adds to the aesthetic appeal. It has a foldable design, which makes it great for traveling purposes similar to Eachine E58 DJI Mavic pro clone drone.


The X39 is loaded with some impeccable smart features that are an excellent addition for a drone under 50 bucks. It has three different speed settings and can perform 360-degree stunts impressively well. The one-key launch and landing feature makes it easy to operate for beginners.

Some of the vital advanced features include headless mode, altitude hold, and trajectory flight, which are great additions and make this 50$ drone an excellent contender to be on the list of best quadcopters under 50 dollars.


The 480p camera with a6-axis gyro and 120 degrees of field view allows clear and crisp visual output. The camera is FPV enabled with smartphone integration.


The 380mah battery gives a flight time of around 8 minutes. However, the package includes a spare battery, which can be used to double the flight time to 16 minutes. Each of the two batteries takes about 70 minutes to recharge.

  • TOPVISION X39-1 Drone
  • Transmitter (Remote Controller)
  • 400mAh Batteries x 2
  • Extra Propellers x 4
  • Propellers Guards x 2
  • Copper Rotor Caps x 6
  • USB Charger
  • Screwdriver
  • User Manual
Compact and Foldable structureSome users find it difficult to use.
Sleek and stylish lookSome users complain about missing parts.
3D VR compatible
LED navigation lights
Extra battery
Easy to perform Stunts & Flips
120° Wide-angle
App control

6: SNAPTAIN SP300 Mini Drone

Category: Throw & Go Quadcopter Drone For Kids Under 50 Dollars

Snaptain SP300 mini drone is at #6 for best drones under 50 dollars
Specifications Key Features
Flight Time: 7 – 8 minutes (single battery)Bright LED Lights
Charging Time (Watch Remote): 30 minutesDetachable Batteries
Charging Time: 60 minutesInfrared Sensor
Powered by: Rechargeable batteryOne-key Return
Range: 50 metersG-Sensor Mode (Watch)
Product Dimensions: 6.7 x 6.7 x 1.4 inchesThrow & Go Mode
LED Lights: YesHeadless Mode
Suitable Age: 14+One-Key Take-off / Landing


The SNAPTAIN 300 has one of the most refreshing design aesthetics. The high-quality ABS plastic built gives substantial impact resistance. The propellors are fitted with LED lights that create a beautiful light show during night time flights. 


The SP300 has some of the most exciting features that make it stand out from other competitors on the list. The one-key operation, headless mode, and three different speed levels make it the best quadcopter for beginners.

Remote Controller

The drone comes with three different remotes for an additional thrill factor. Besides the regular remotes, it also has a G-Sensor watch that allows you to control the remote with hand movements if you are wearing the watch and a remote drop shaped.


The Snaptain SP300 does not include any camera, which is a significant downside.


The SP300 includes two batteries, and each of them allows a flight time of 8 minutes. You can use the second battery to increase the time to 16 minutes. It takes about an hour for the cells to recharge fully.

  • SNAPTAIN SP300 Mini Drone
  • Mini Remote Controller (Standard)
  • G-Sensor Watch Remote Control
  • Drop-shaped Remote Control
  • USB Cable x 2
  • USB Cable for Watch Remote
  • Drone Battery x 2
  • Extra Propeller x 4
  • Propeller Screw x 6
  • Screwdriver
  • User Manual
3 Speed modesNo camera
Hands-Free flyingShort flight range
Easy to fly
Easy to perform stunts
Dual batteries
Obstacles detection option
3 Ways to control
Colorful LED lights

7: AKASO A200 Drone

Category: Best Camera Drone Under $50

Akaso A200 racing drone is at #7 for best drones under 50 dollars
Specifications Key Features
Powered by: 500mAh battery720p HD camera (FPV)
Flight Time: 8 – 10 minutesOne-key Return To Home
Charging Time: 1.5 hoursTrajectory Mode
Range: 60-80 metersAltitude Hold
Product Dimensions: 15.35 x 15.35 x 2.95 inchesOne-Key Take-off / Landing
LED Lights: YesHeadless Mode
Suitable Age: 14+Gravity Sensor


With a sensible mixture of handy features, AKASO A200 is one of the best cheap drones you can buy. This foldable pocket drone has a very impressive robust built. It is a portable and travel-friendly quadcopter. 


The A200 is a very easy to control and highly responsive drone with excellent flight performance. It has a single touch launch and land option, which is perfect for newbies. Other essential flight functions include headless mode, altitude hold, and multiple speed levels. The 6-axis gyro provides more robust stability during flight.


The high quality 720p HD adjustable camera is an imposing addition given the price bracket. The camera provides you to take beautiful aerial shots from different angles.


The package includes a lithium battery that has a flight output of 10 minutes. The flight duration may reduce if there are stronger winds.

  • AKASO A200 Drone
  • Mobile phone stand
  • Extra blades x 2
  • USB charging cable
  • Screwdriver
  • Extra screws x 4
  • 500mAh battery
  • Propeller guards x 4
  • Remote control (New Version, battery excluded)
  • User manual
Foldable & flexible structureAverage camera quality
Real-Time transmissionShort flight range
3D VR compatible
3 Speed modes
Easy to shoot videos & pictures
3D stunts & flips
Easy to share on social media
Remote & App control

8: DROCON Ninja Drone

DROCON Ninja Drone for Kids is at #8 for best drones under 50 dollars
Specifications Key Features
Drone weight: Around 60 grams 720P HD Wi-Fi Camera
Suitable Age: 14+ Foldable structure
Flight Time: Around 8 minutes 120-degree wide-angle lens
Charging Time: About 1 hour Enhanced Gravity Sensor
Range: Around 100 meters Gyro 6-Axis
Product Dimensions: 5.4 x 5.4 inches One-Key Take-off / Landing
LED Lights: Yes Headless Mode
Powered by: 450mAh battery Altitude Hold


The Drocon Ninja is a very intelligently designed drone that pays special attention to durability, flexibility, and portability. It is a compact drone with a foldable design which makes it easy to travel with. The high-quality plastic makes it stand reliable against shocks and rough flights.


This is a highly feature-packed product for an entry-level budget drone. The one-touch launch and land features and user-friendly interface make it perfect for beginners. However, other advanced features make the drone equally thrilling for skilled pilots too.

The 6-axis gyro provides impressive flight stabilization. The smartphone integrated Gravity Sensor Mode adds more fun to the flight experience.


The 30 fps 720p HD camera, along with a 120-degree wide-angle view, is a very impressive specification and surely deserves to be included in our list of the best drones for 50 dollars or less. This hands down one of the best camera qualities you can find at this price point.


The drone is packaged with a 450 mAh battery that supports up to 7 minutes of flying. This can be increased to 14 minutes with an additional battery that has to be bought separately. The battery takes about 60 minutes to get recharged.

  • Drocon Ninja Drone
  • 450mAh battery
  • USB charging cable
  • Propellers x 8
  • Propeller’s Guards x 4
  • Screwdriver
  • User Manual
3D Rolls and Flips5-10 minutes cool-down interval required between flights
Real-time video transmissionAverage flight range
Different speed modes (for all level users)Average flight time
Battery low alert
Best choice for sports, parties, traveling and adventure activities.
Easy to fly & control
Advanced barometer
Can be controlled via SmartPhone App

9: BLADE Nano QX BNF Quadcopter

Category: Best Indoor Toy Drone Under 50 For Kids

BLADE NANO QX is at #9 for best drones under 50 dollars
Specifications Key Features
Weight: Around 18 gramsSAFE™ Technology (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope)
Suitable Age: 14+Stability Mode
Flight Time: 6 – 7 minutesAgility mode
Charging Time: 25 – 30 minutesExtra Cover (canopy)
Range: 40 feetUSB Charging
Product Dimensions: 7.2 x 6.3 x 2.5 inchesResponsive Control
LED Lights: YesDurable built quality
Powered by: 150mAh Li-Po batteryQuick charging


The Nano QX BNF quadcopter by BLADE has one of the most straightforward designs ever. It is an original one-piece Ready-to-Fly plastic equipment. All you have to do is to insert the battery and launch it. Although the drone feels super light, the built is solid enough to withstand rough flights and crashes.


This is a highly responsive drone, and the lightweight brings in great flexibility allowing it to perform some fun stunts. A bit of practice with the controls will bring in high precision. The drone is packaged with a spare canopy and four rotor blades with an easy to follow repair instructions.


This beginner quadcopter does not include any camera and is not recommended for people who are aiming to buy one for aerial shots.


This drone has a small 150mAh battery that gives a flight time of a little less than 7 minutes. The company, on the contrary, claims 8 minutes. It takes about 25 minutes for the battery to recharge. 

  • Blade Nano QX Drone
  • Extra Body Cover (Green Black)
  • Compact USB Charger
  • Spare Blades x 4
  • 150mAh Li-Po Battery
  • User Manual
Stable & Steady flightHave to buy transmitter separately
Easy to perform flips & stuntsCan’t sustain in the wind because of lightweight
Propeller guards to protect bladesNo camera
Ideal for indoor playShort flight range
Extremely light weight
Extra Blades
User-friendly control
Affordable Price

10: SYMA X5A-1

Category: Best Stunt Drone For 50 Dollar

Syma X5A-1 dodoeleph is at #10 for best drones under 50 dollars
Specifications Key Features
Weight: About 72 gramsFlight Stability
Suitable Age: 14+Headless Mode
Flight Time: 6 – 8 minutesOne-Key Take-off / Landing
Charging Time: 45 – 60 minutes6-Axis Gyro Stability
Range: 30 – 50 meters2 Speed Modes
Product Dimensions: 13.2 x 13.2 x 2.4 inchesLED Navigation light
LED Lights: Yes2.4GHz technology
Powered by: 350mAh Li-ion batteryAltitude Hold


SYMA enjoys quite a reputation for making high-quality advanced drones. Although this one is an entry-level mini drone, the design aesthetics are no less than that of a professional drone. It looks sleek and stylish, quoted in white with a shock-resistant body.


Although the drone is not too high on the features radar, it is still a decent product for beginners. The drone has a swift single touch launch and landing features for newbies.

The 6-axis gyro is a great feature to allow in-flight stability. There are two different speed levels, along with a headless mode feature as a plus. Also, performing 360 stunts and flips is really easy for the user of any level.


This drone does not support the camera and is not suitable for taking aerial shots. You may look into other models if you wish to do so.


The 350 mAh battery allows 7 minutes of flight time. It takes about 4 hours for the initial battery charging, but the subsequent recharge takes only 45 minutes for a full recharge.

  • Syma X5A-1 RC Quadcopter
  • Remote controller (AA batteries not included)
  • 350mAh battery x 2
  • Spare blades x 4
  • USB charger
  • Screwdriver
  • User Manual​​
Extra batteryNo camera
Extremely lightweightLimited range
Durable Built quality
Lights for night flight
Very stable flight
Easy to perform rolls & stunts
Easy Control

11: Potensic A20 Mini RC Drone

Category: Best Drone For Beginners & Kids Under 50$

Potensic A20 Mini Drone is at #11 for best drones under 50 dollars
Specifications Key Features
Weight: 100 grams3 Speed Modes
Suitable Age: 14+Headless Mode
Flight Time: About 15 minutesOne-Key Take-off / Landing
Charging Time: About 40 minutesAltitude Hold
Range: 15 metersDetachabe Battery
Product Dimensions: 3.5 X 3.1 X 1.25inchesEmergency Stop Button
LED Lights: YesLED Lights
Powered by: 500mAh batteryAdded Safety


This is a very lightweight drone that can fit in your palms. The drone is designed for portability and is travel-friendly. This is ready to fly a piece of drone that is made of highly durable material. It is one of the best toy drones under $50.


The Potensic A20 is an excellent indoor drone when flying at the lowest speed level. However, it is not high on the outdoor game unless there are no winds. The interface is very user-friendly with a single touch launch and land feature.


This is a basic drone with no camera, and this is the only reason it is at #11 on the list.


The Potensic Mini Drone A20 comes with two batteries with each battery allowing roughly 6 minutes of flight. It takes half an hour to recharge the batteries.

WHAT IS IN THE BOX (Potensic A20 Upgraded)
  • Potensic A20 RC Mini Drone
  • 500mAh Batteries x 2
  • Remote Control (AAA,battery not included)
  • USB Charger
  • Extra Propellers x 4
  • User Manual
Ready to FlyDifficult to fly in windy condition
Extra BatteryLimited features
Easy to flyNo Camera
Lightweight & portable
No FAA registration required
12 months warranty
Propeller guards for better protection
Ideal for kids and beginners

Potensic A20 Mini Drone is Amazon’s Choice, and it is available in five attractive variations (Red, Green, White, Black & American Flag)

If you like to read further about this astonishing mini drone, check out our in-depth Potensic A20 Mini Drone Review.

12: Holy Stone HS170 Predator

Category: Best Mini Drone Under $50

HOLY STONE HS170 PREDATOR is at #12 for best drones under 50 dollars
Specifications Key Features
Powered by: 350mAh battery3 Speed Modes
Flight Time: 6 – 8 minutesColorful LED lights
Charging Time: 45 – 50 minutesStabilization system
Range: 30-50 meters6-Axis Gyro
Product Dimensions: 5.3 x 5.3 x 1.6 inchesPowerful and super responsive motor
LED Lights: YesHeadless Mode
Suitable Age: 14+Altitude Hold


Holy Stone HS170 predator mini is the best 50 dollar drone without camera on Amazon. Hs170 has rated 4.2 stars based on more than 6200 user reviews. It is the best quadcopter drone for teenagers.

Hs170 predator has a very sleek and stylish look, attractive color, and bright LED lights. This drone offers some of the handy features such as Headless Flight mode, low interference technology, stabilization system, and three different speed levels that you can adjust according to your proficiency level.


Even though this drone is very compact, it can sustain rough landings because of its durable built. It has an ultra-responsive motor, and also it can fly well during windy conditions. Also, you can perform cool stunts and flip very easily, just like experts.


With a decent battery of 350mAh, it offers the flight time of about 8 minutes while the charging time for this drone is about 45 to 60 minutes. The flying range of this drone is about 30-50 meters.

WHAT IS IN THE BOX (Holy Stone HS170 Predator)
  • Holy Stone Hs170 Quadcopter
  • Remote controller (AA batteries not included)
  • 350mAh battery
  • Extra blades x 4
  • USB charger
  • Screwdriver
  • User Manual​​
  • Propellers crowbar
Affordable Drone5-10 minutes intervals required between the flights
Easy to flyNo Camera
Flight time is decent
Sleek & attractive look
Colorful bright LED lights
Performing stunts is easy
Shockproof structure
Wind resistance

13: DBPOWER MJX x400w FPV Drone

Category: Best Affordable Drone Under 50 Dollars

DBPOWER X400W FPV Quadcopter is at #13 for best drones under 50 dollars
Specifications Key Features
Weight: About 112 gramsHD Camera
Powered by: 750mAh batteryLive FPV Video
Flight Time: About 9 minutes3D VR Compatible
Charging Time: 2 hoursRTH Mode (Return To Home)
Range: 100 metersSmartphone APP (IOS & ANDROID)
Product Dimensions: 11.8 x 11.8 x 3 inchesOne-Key Take-off / Landing
LED Lights: YesHeadless Mode
Suitable Age: 14+One-touch 3D Stunts

Based on more than 2721 reviews, DBPOWER MJX X400w has a rating of 4.3 stars on Amazon. It is the best nano quadcopter with camera.


This drone is simple to fly even for a new user due to so it’s handy features like headless mode, 6-axis gyro for stable flight, one-key return home feature, one-touch take-off/landing and much more.

You can perform amazing stunts and 360 rolls with one touch, also you can enjoy real-time video transmission (First Person View) right from your smartphone app. Besides, this Drone is compatible with 3D VR Headset.


The approximate flying time of DBPOWER X400W is nearly 9 minutes, powered by 750mAh 3.5v battery which takes 120 minutes to fully charge, and the 100 meters is the flying range of this drone.

  • MJX X400W Quadcopter
  • Transmitter (Remote Controller)
  • Smartphone Holder
  • 750mAh battery
  • Charging cable (USB)
  • Extra propeller x 4
  • Screw Driver
  • User Manual
High capacity battery (for drone under 50)Bit difficult to control
Real-Time transmission on a smartphoneEasy to break
3D VR CompatibleConnectivity issues can be expected
Easy to assemble
Fine camera quality
Technical support (Lifetime)
USB Charging
Extra Propellers & landing gear


Drones are quite a passion these days, both as a toy and as a piece of photography equipment. However, most people are still new to drone flying and are therefore reluctant to invest vast amounts of money on something they are not very proficient at.

In this list of 13 best drones under 50, all the drones we have mentioned are literally the best option to consider if you wish to brush up your flying skills.

Some budget drones do not have an added camera; therefore, make sure you check the specs if you are looking for something that allows you to take aerial shots.

If you are still unsure which drone suits you best, find out some more awesome drones under any budget:

If you like this buying guide of best cheap drones for kids and beginners helpful, please share your feedback below, and likewise, if you have any questions, feel free to write us, and we will get back to you.

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