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Are you looking to buy the best indoor drone not only of high-grade quality but also highly appreciated by the drone pilot community?

We have listed them all here!

Although the most common use of quadcopter drones is related to outdoor activities, many professions also use them for different activities. If your hobby is flying one of these quadcopters, you can still enjoy some of the best designed indoor drones.

Usually, there are specialized areas where you can practice flying since you can not freely operate a drone outside without following some rules. Even if you can not leave the house, you can still fly the drone, inside the house.

Indoor drone flying is safe, and you can use it despite the weather conditions. Of course, you must take precautions while flying indoor. With hundreds of mini indoor drones flooding the market in recent years, it can sometimes be challenging to decide which one to buy.

Lets quickly discuss few things to consider before we jump to the list of best indoor drones.

Features to consider

Before buying a drone for indoor flying, you must ensure that it is safe for your kid, family, pet, and furniture. You must also keep in mind that the drone could break in minutes if it crashed against the wall. Therefore it should be solid enough to sustain crashes.

When buying an indoor quadcopter, you should consider the size, weight, and camera features of the drone, along with ease of flying. The safety feature is another essential aspect to consider because beginners and teenagers are usually the primary users of indoor drones.

Weight and size

Nano quadcopters and mini drones will give us more flight options. Those professional drones will limit our flight if we live in a house and are going to fly inside. Of course, the smaller it is, the easier it will be to control and carry. 

Some small drones come without a camera, so if you want to use them to capture aerial shots, and enjoy live video feed, check the specifications and features before buying.

Protection and security

Since kids are the primary users of indoor drones, we must consider and look for a drone with security features to protect them and the drone. Some drones come with protection guards around propellers, which avoids accidents and increase safety.

Although the drones with propeller guards are not specific to the indoor or outdoor flying, our recommendation is to buy a drone with propellers guards for added safety.

We have compiled the 5 best indoor drones available on Amazon for learning the basics of flying.

Here is our ranking of the 5 best indoor drones:

  • DJi Ryze Tello
  • Parrot Mambo
  • Potensic A20W
  • Eachine E61HW
  • Hubsan X4

DJI Ryze Tello

DJI Ryze Tello is the best indoor drone under $100

DJI has designed an excellent quality Tello drone with suitable materials and meticulous finish. Ryze Tello is a tiny quadcopter drone that can be used as an indoor-outdoor drone. The drone is ready to fly and already assembled from the factory.

The drone is more like a smaller version of the DJI Spark, so it is easy to carry and travel. As it is already an ultra-compact drone, for more solidity, it is not foldable. Although, the drone comes with protections for the propellers. The end of each arm below each motor extends to form landing pads.

The primary color of the drone is matte black. We find this color on the belly of the drone on the arms and propellers. The upper shell of the module is detachable and customizable by changing color. A fixed camera occupies the front of the drone. Next to it, there is a small LED that lights up green when the drone is on.

Given its size, this drone is ideal for indoor use. However, it can also fly outside if there is not too much wind.


You can take-off this Dji drone through a dedicated take-off and landing button, or you can use the Throw & Go feature, by throwing the drone in the air to make it take off.

You can control your indoor DJI drone with a transmitter or from your smartphone, thanks to a dedicated Tello application. The connection between the drone and the phone is via Wifi, and the signal range is 100 meters. The Tello app allows you to enjoy real-time video feed transmission on your phone.

The drone has an 8D flip feature, which allows you to perform breathtaking aerial stunts and flips with a single click.

In terms of safety, the drone is also well equipped. The drone comes with four propeller protections to be fixed on the arms of the drone. The propeller protection helps to protect the propellers from breakage in the event of a collision. Similarly, it also serves to protect your precious objects when used indoor.

The drone has an obstacle detection sensor, which helps to avoid any collision. Furthermore, in the event of a discharged battery or loss of signal, the drone initiates a secure automatic landing.


This indoor drone is equipped with an HD 720p camera. It captures images with a resolution of 5 Megapixels and has digitally stabilized images that provide smooth and sharp images. The camera transmits real-time 720p live video feed to the phone. All the photos and videos are saved to an SD card.

When taking pictures, the Tello drone assists you with automated flights that will allow you to focus on capturing the perfect shot. The “EZ Shots” function will allow you to capture 360° panoramic videos. For an astounding flying experience, the drone is also compatible with VR glasses.


1100mAh battery powers this indoor Tello drone. This battery allows the drone to reach a maximum flight time of 13 minutes, and it takes around 2 hours to charge fully.

Parrot Mambo

Parrot Mambo is at # 2 for best indoor drones under budget

Mambo is a small toy-grade indoor quadcopter offered by the company Parrot. It is white and black. The hull is made of polyamide and polypropylene with touches of silver aluminum under the propellers, and weigh only 63 grams. It has plastic propeller guards on all four sides.


It is one of the most stable drones on the nano quadcopter market. It has flight assistance and a stabilization system. You can also perform breathtaking acrobatic tricks, and the system helps you stabilize the drone and avoid crashes. 

Furthermore, you can take off your drone by throwing it into the air, thanks to the “free fall” take-off system. The bumpers protect both the propellers and your furniture in the event of a collision. The digital camera will allow you to capture your magic moments.

The Parrot Mambo is famous for the two tools that come with the drone, and that will allow you to play with the mini drone in many different ways. The ball-throwing cannon attaches to the back of the drone via the Lego brick connector.

The drone comes with 50 balls of 6 mm, and the magazine can contain six bullets. The projectiles are low impact, and the cannon shoots straight up to 2 m away. This fantastic accessory can be used for different skill games such as target shooting, destruction of cup pyramid, etc.

The pack consists of the drone, the ball launcher cannon with 50 balls in reserve, the clamp, a USB cable, and the quick start guide.


You can fly it by a compatible smartphone paired with the drone or by a Parrot Flypad controller. The smartphone remains connected up to 50 meters away while the Parrot controller reaches a range of 100 meters. This Mambo drone is compatible with smartphones or tablets running the Android or IOS operating system.


It has a 550mAh battery, which allows 8 minutes of flight time with the propeller protection guards. The flying time can increases to 10 minutes if the drone flies without guards. It takes about 30 minutes to charge the battery fully.

Hubsan X4

Hubsan x4 is at # 5 for best indoor drones.

The Hubsan X4 is the ultimate outdoor indoor beginner drone. The plastic-made shell is black, and the red color under the back makes it look like a spider. This tiny drone weighs only 50 grams with the battery.

The propellers are black in front and red behind, Under the propellers and motor, there are small flexible rubber feet which serve as landing gear and shock absorber at start-up. It has 4 LEDs of different colors to light in low light to distinguish front and back.


Hubsan X4 is fairly stable, despite its small size, it is ideal for indoor flights, it can also fly outdoor but with a weak wind. The drone has a 6-axis flight control system, and the gyroscope is adjustable.

It is an RTF (Ready to fly) drone, but before starting to fly, you must adjust the Trim. It is an ideal drone for people who are just beginning to learn the pleasures of flying a drone. The drone has 3 flight modes to accommodate users of all levels.

It is solid and resists well to shocks resulting from small beginner errors and bumps. To protect the propellers, it has a retractable bumper. 

You can do acrobatic tricks, but always make sure you do it at an altitude high enough to have time to straighten out, otherwise beware of crashes.

The pack consists of the drone, the battery, the remote control, spare propellers, propeller guards, a USB cable, and the user manual.


The remote control and live video transmission have a range of up to 100 meters. The remote control has a small LCD screen that displays direct video feedback and battery level. 


The drone has a basic camera, although the low price forgives the small drawback of the limited camera resolution. You can install an SD card of up to 16 GB, to record the shots.


The battery is 380mAh, which allows a flight of about 7 minutes. The battery takes 30 minutes to charge via a USB cable connected to a computer or a box with a wall outlet.

Potensic A20W

Potensic A20w is at # 3 for best indoor drones

Potensic is an American drone manufacturer, which offers this amazing A20w quadcopter for beginners. The urban look of the A20W has something that appeals to the younger audience. Compact and sturdy, this drone is perfect for indoor use.

This toy drone is very stable and easy to use. The small size of the A20W is ideal for amateur users. Besides, the attractive look, the propeller protection guards give it excellent robustness against crashes. 

The transmitter of the drone looks like a console controller which gives more fun experience.


This mini drone shows good stability. The experience is enhanced thanks to an Altitude Hold mode. The take-off and landing are easy because of dedicated buttons. 

You can control the A20w drone through the smartphone application. Also, the app allows you to enjoy live FPV video on your smartphone screen.

Furthermore, you can design the flying route of the drone from the app. The Gravity sensor allows you to control the drone by directly tilting the smartphone.


Since it is more of a toy grade indoor drone, so you can’t expect amazing camera results. However, kids can practice taking photos and videos in a fun way.


This Potensic drone for kids comes with 2 batteries. For an indoor toy drone, the flight time of 10 to 12 minutes on average is great. The flight time of the drone reduces while using the camera during flight. 

Eachine E61

Eachine E61 is at # 4 for best indoor drone

Specialize in the manufacture of entry-level and mini quadcopter drones, Eachine produces exciting models for kids and beginners. Eachine E61 is a mini drone that could fit in your hands, and it is simple to handle that makes children happy. 

The small remote control, equipped with mounting support for the smartphone, allows quick and easy handling for children. Since it weighs only 31 grams, it is an ideal indoor drone for kids. 


The Eachine goes to the essentials with this mini drone by simplifying flying commands. At this price, the E61HW comes with a camera and has some exciting flight options and features. 

The E61 offers an altitude hold feature (auto-hover) and headless mode (perfect for beginners to fly the drone without worrying about the position of its head).

It also offers 3-speed modes to please the user need. The flying range of this toy drone is about 100 meters, although the range of live video transmission is about 50 meters. 


With a 0.3 MP sensor and a 720p camera, don’t expect to take great pictures. However, for a drone under 50 dollars, the offer is fantastic, and the little ones will be happy to capture their photos. FPV (First Person View) mode is available for an enticing experience from the smartphone screen.


The E61 offers a flight time of between 7 and 9 minutes. But since the battery is removable, you can equip yourself with spare batteries to make the fun last. The 250mah battery takes about 45 minutes to charge.


  • It is recommended that if you have never owned any drone before, it is better to start with indoor drones, without risk to people.
  • Before buying a drone for a kid, make sure you have thought of the little details that make the difference. With young audiences, two precautions are better than one.
  • Safety is the number 1 element to take into account for indoor. The blades of the quadcopter can hurt children. There are models with propeller guards to prevent accidents.
  • The features of the drone determine the easiness of flying the drone. Beware of models that offer too many advanced features and modes that could confuse the youngest. On the other hand, certain options are almost essential such as automatic landing and take-off, the altitude hold, Follow Me, and even the Headless Mode.
  • Don’t forget that indoor drones serve as a child’s toy. It is not necessary to spend a fortune to find simple and fun models to use. The more expensive the drone, the more complex it is to use.


Drones are usually flown outside. However, there are mini-sized nano quadcopter drones that can be used through the house or apartment. They are unusually tiny, and light and but are usually very strong.

They are also easy to fly for beginners and sometimes offer a basic camera. Although, not much to expect for the generally low price indoor drones. Similarly, the flying range of these indoor quadcopters is limited. You may explore the list of long-distance quadcopter drones if you are willing to spend a couple of hundred bucks.

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