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If you are reading this post, it must be because you are thinking about getting started with a quadcopter drone for beginners. Our main recommendation is that you start with a beginner drone because it offers the features you need to get the first step in this world.

We suggest beginner quadcopters because they are resistant, easier to fly, stable, and cheaper. So in case of any collision or accident, which is quite common on the first few flights, you won’t lose a fortune, which won’t hurt much.

Choosing the best beginner drone is not easy. Many beginner drone models are out there, and they are far from offering the same thing. We have selected a range of beginner drones specially dedicated to the fliers with no experience at all.

In this post, you will find the best quadcopter drones for beginners for their quality and price ratio. You will also find suggestions that will help you choose the ideal quadcopter to get started with the features that best suit your needs.

The List Of Best Beginners Quadcopter.

  • DJI Tello
  • UDI U818A quadcopter
  • Holy Stone HS170 Predator
  • Syma X5C-1 Explorer
  • Holy Stone F181
  • Eachine E58
  • Potensic A20

Ryze DJI Tello – Best Entry Level Drone With Camera

Ryze Tello by Dji is the best quadcopter for beginners with camera

In collaboration with Ryze, DJI has created an easy to fly, compact, and full of rich features incredible drone under 150 dollars. But do not think that a low price will compromise on the quality because the quality is the benchmark for DJI.

The Tello drone is the best starter quadcopter designed for the beginners. The developers assure that even teenage kids can master flying this Tello drone and perform stunts.


  • Flight Time: Normally for a low price and small size drone a flight time of 5 – 7 minutes is expected. On the other hand, the DJI Tello offers an impressive flight time of up to 13 minutes.
  • Camera: The drone has an integrated 5 MP camera with excellent aerial pictures and video quality. It can shoot 720p videos at 30 frames per second. It is also equipped with electronic image stabilization to have clear images and better shots when flying. 
  • Live Video Feed: The drone streams the live video directly to your tablet or smartphone, depending on the device used to control it. It’s a great opportunity to experience an incredible first-person view with the DJI Tello drone.
  • Flight Modes: The quadcopter has unique flight modes that make taking photos more accessible and fun. The follow-me feature allows the drones to follow you and shots you automatically.
  • Altitude Hold: It is an excellent feature that allows you to maintain the height of the quadcopter. Whether you’re flying for fun or taking pictures, this feature allows you to focus more on movement without worrying about maintaining altitude. This is one of the main features that most quadcopters for beginners do not have.

UDI U818A – Best Quadcopter For Beginners With Camera

UDI U818A Discovery RC Drone is the best quadcopter for beginners with camera.

The UDI U818A is a beginner-friendly quadcopter with an authentic professional appearance. The response to the commands is perfect. It is suitable for all those who want to spend less than $100 and get good results. 

The drone is not full of lights and special effects to entice you to buy, but it is a model that is easy to fly with excellent performance. The shell is well built and resistant, and the size of this RC quadcopter is more significant than those of other similar price range models.


  • Stable Flight: A 6-axis gyroscope ensures the stability of the drone and allows it to remain at altitude with proper safety.
  • Range: It comes with a classic remote controller with a flying range of about 80 meters. The presence of an integrated display on the transmitter is convenient. 
  • Flying Modes: There are two modes that you can choose between a standard or advanced flight mode.
  • Aerial Stunts: For those who want to have fun, there is a dedicated button on the remote control to makes the drone perform breathtaking 360° flip.
  • Camera: This UDI U818A beginner quadcopter comes with 720p HD camera, which allows you to enjoy live video feed

Holy Stone HS170 – Best Beginners Quadcopter Without Camera

Holy Stone HS170 Predator is the best quadcopter for beginners.

If you are a complete beginner and need a cheap quadcopter to practice, the Holy Stone HS170 Predator drone is the best drone for less than $50. It is a popular choice for beginner drone fliers, young kids, or anyone looking for a cool toy drone, and it’s easy to see why. 

First of all, the HS170 Predator was designed with beginners in mind. It is simple enough for a beginner to fly easily and steadily. Also, it can perform various acrobatic stunts and flips. Secondly, the price is magnificent, and suddenly you don’t have to wince every time you crash it.

Holy Stone HS170 Predator is at #1 for the best quadcopter for beginner.

The real advantage is the size, small enough to allow for an indoor practice with little space. Since the drone is lightweight, it is still capable of enduring light winds on outdoor flights.

But what places it in our ranking of the best beginner quadcopters worth buying is the availability of spare parts. From the basic ones like propellers or batteries to motors and components, everything can be found on Amazon at a low price.


Holy Stone HS170 is the best drone without camera for beginners. It has excellent features that are ideal for beginners. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Speed Modes: It Has a powerful and ultra-responsive motor with 3-speed modes. Start with the default speed and work your way up to more advanced speeds.
  • LED Indicator: The flight status of this drone is easy to determine with the LED indicator light and makes it easier to spot at night.
  • Headless Mode: When the HS170 Predator is flying in headless mode, you can ignore the orientation of the front of the drone when you are flying. When you press a direction on your controller, that’s how the drone moves.
  • Flight Time: Holy Stone HS170 can fly for approximately 8 minutes, and since this drone comes with 2 batteries so you can enjoy for 16 minutes. The battery takes 45 – 60 minutes to charge.
  • Flying Range: The HS170 Predator has a flying range of 50 meters

Syma X5C-1 – Cheap Quadcopter With Camera

Syma X5C-1 is the best beginner quadcopters with camera

SYMA has an excellent reputation for producing superior quality drones. Although the X5C is a beginner drone, it looks elegant and classy similar to expensive professional drones. It is white and can absorb shocks smoothly.

The amazing thing about the Syma X5C is that it includes a camera. So f you are looking for the best affordable beginner quadcopter that is easy and fun to fly and want to play around with aerial photography, you have found a perfect match.

The X5C is small enough to fly around the house but large enough to handle a bit of wind outside.

The X5C comes with remote control and propeller protecting guards. Propeller protection guards are essential to protect the drone when it hits a surface or any object. It is also cheap to buy extra propellers.


  • Camera: Since the drone is low priced and doesn’t have image stabilization, don’t expect amazing picture quality. But for the price, it’s acceptable.
  • Stunts: Beginners can easily perform a thrilling 360° stunts and 3D flips.
  • Stable Flight: The 6-axis gyro helps stable flight and precise hovering.
  • Flight Time: Only about 7 minutes and it takes about 100 minutes to charge. I recommend you to buy additional batteries to increase the flying time.
  • Flying Range: The X5C quadcopter will fly a maximum of 50 meters.

Holy Stone F181 – Best Beginner Racing Drone

Holy Stone F181 is at # 5 for best quadcopter for beginners.

Holy Stone has released its latest drone, the F181W, which has practical features at affordable prices. Since its release, it has achieved great success all over the world. 

The best part of this starter drone is that it can fly fast enough so that an experienced user does not get bored. It is not the only factor that has made it exciting and very popular among newbies. 


  • LED Lights: The Holy Stone F181 RC is a quadcopter drone with LED lights that allow you to fly them even at night.
  • Camera: The drone has a 2-megapixel camera and can record videos at 30 frames and take photos HD resolution. 
  • SD Card: Videos and photos are stored on a 2GB SD card included in the box. In case that is not enough, you can easily insert an SD card with more storage space up to 16GB.
  • Multiple Speed Modes: F181 beginner drone offer 4-speed options to more thrill. If you are a beginner, you may find yourself a bit difficult by flying it in fast mode. It would be good to fly for the first few times at a slow speed for some practice.
  • Flying Time & Range: The flight time of the drone is slightly higher than its competitors in the same price range, which is about 9 minutes while the control range is 100 meters. Since the drone comes with 2 batteries, so can enjoy it for around 18 minutes.

Read the detailed review of Holy Stone F181 RC drone to know more about it.

Eachine E58 – Foldable Pocket Quadcopter For Beginners

Eachine is a Chinese brand that boasts a wide range of quadcopters, from toy drones to more advanced professional-grade quadcopter. 

Eachine E58 is the best entry-level drone, which is the DJI Mavic Pro cloneE58 is an ideal drone for those who want to explore quadcopters without spending a fortune. It has a foldable yet robust structure that can be easily carried even in the pocket.


  • Easy To Fly: E58 provides a fantastic flying experience for beginners. The altitude hold feature allows it to hover steady. Furthermore, you can quickly take-off and land the drone with a single key.
  • Camera: The E58 Eachine comes with a 2MP HD camera with an integrated FPV that captures good quality photos and videos. You can connect this foldable pocket drone to your phone via WiFi to enjoy live streaming videos.
  • App Control: Although E58 comes with a transmitter, it also has a dedicated app that allows you to use this beginner quadcopter from your smartphone.
  • Speed Modes: Eachine wants all users to enjoy flying. Thus, Eachine Eine offers three speed modes: slow, medium, and fast.
  • Fun Features: Eachine E58 is compatible with the VR headset to enjoy the real-time 3D video. It also has a dedicated button to perform flips and stunts.

This amazing drone comes with 3 batteries so you can enjoy nonstop. You can also draw your flying path from the app and much more. To know more about this entry level quadcopter, read Eachine E58 drone review.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Entry Level Drones In 2022:

What is the best quadcopter for beginners?

Beginner users will find a wide selection of drones on the market that will meet their needs. There are few criteria for choosing a best drone before buying your first drone. Study what is on the market, and choose according to your needs and expectations. Specific criteria will determine your final choice.

Here are the few points that will make your choice easier:

Easy To Fly

The first of the qualities for a beginner drone is its ease of use. It is essential to fly your quadcopter without worrying about any flying difficulty at the beginning.

The obvious choice is the RTF (ready to fly) drone. Indeed, this kind of drone requires very little preparation. Just take it out of the box, turn it on, and it’s ready to fly.

This is the case with Holy Stone F181 and the Eachine E58, which we tested.

Compare Prices

The budget is usually the first point that guides you on a particular range of drones. To get started and have some fun, most newbies are looking for a relatively inexpensive drone. Indeed, it is reasonable not to invest a fortune to learn to fly and test your interest level. The DJI Tello can be the right choice if you don’t want to break the bank but still have high-end features.

Built Quality

A lightweight, durable, and well-made quadcopter are essential features of a beginner’s drone. Indeed, the drone must withstand the unavoidable shocks that accompany learning to master a drone.

Flying Range

Not all drones have the same flight coverage. Some drones can fly for a long distance of several kilometers, while others can only exceed a few tens of meters. In order to familiarize yourself with your first drone, it is a good idea to choose a model with a somewhat limited range.

Compare Performance

Automated flight modes, speed, features, range all these factors must be taken into account. Warning! The most advanced drones are also the most complicated to handle. So if you want to focus on flying, opt for a simple but powerful drone that is easy to learn.

Compare Cameras

The high interest of the drone, the one that unites the general public, is aerial photography. The vast majority of drones today carry a camera to take photos and videos. Stabilization, resolution, sensor, wide-angle? If you prefer a live video feed drone, consider all of these elements before you decide.

Although, if the camera isn’t necessary, you can also find decent beginner drones without a camera.


  • If you want to learn to fly a drone, we suggest you go for indoor drones or drones with propeller guards, a compulsory safety component.
  • Since drones have a wide variety of brands, sizes, and features, we suggest reading much information before you buy your first quadcopter. 
  • The strength of a beginner quadcopter is undoubtedly one of the essential features of this type of drone. Therefore it is suggested to go for the drone with solid built quality.
  • It is a fact that all beginner drones have almost relatively limited flight time. Therefore, do not hesitate to take additional batteries. Although, some beginner drones come with several sets of batteries.
  • It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the places where you can’t fly a drone. The most important rules you should know are not to let your drone fly over people or fly it near an airport and always keep it in sight.

Verdict For The Best Quadcopter For Beginners

All of these beginner quadcopters allow you to master controls by flying around. All of these drones come with user-friendly features such as headless mode, altitude hold, and one-touch take-off/landing, which are great for beginners.

We’ve done our best to give you a list of beginner drones, but there are dozens of great products out there – far too many to list in one article. After reading this article, I hope you were able to choose your first drone easily or at least reduce the number of options.

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