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Eachine E58 Drone Review – Best DJI Mavic Clone

Eachine E58 pocket drone review and key features

Key Features

  • 120° WiFi FPV HD Camera
  • Foldable Structure
  • 3 Powerful Batteries
  • Dual Control Option
  • Surprisingly Low Price

If you are looking for the best affordable drone for yourself, then you are in the right place. This Mavic Pro clone Eachine E58 drone is undoubtedly the best choice out there. It is also known as the baby drone version of the famous DJI MAVIC PRO because it resembles a lot.

Eachine E58 drone seems to look expensive because of its sleek and attractive design, although you can buy this drone under 100 dollars. 

This E58 pocket drone by Eachine is the ideal drone for beginners, as it is easy to fly and offers splendid features that have made it unique for all drone lovers across the globe.

Eachine E58 FPV Wi-Fi Drone lets you enjoy aerial photography with the best quality as you can adjust the height to a certain level.

In this Eachine E58 review, I will discuss all amazing features of this Mavic clone drone in detail along with specifications, pros, and cons.

Now without any further delay, let’s get started.

Eachine E58 Rc Drone Specifications:

Flight Time7 – 9 minutes
Charging Time60 – 70 minutes
Flying Range100 meters
Powered by500mAh battery
LED LightsYes
Product Dimensions10.6 x 7.7 x 2 inches
Weight96 grams
Suitable Age14+

Design & Price

This Mavic Pro clone E58 drone is one of the best drones to buy for less than 100 bucks with HD cameras. It is also known as the best MAVIC clone, which costs much higher.

It is a compact foldable nano quadcopter, which makes it an exceptional choice for people who travel a lot. The size of the drone is tiny enough that it can easily fit in your palm.

Camera & Live FPV Video

Eachine E58 drone review of FPV Wi-fi HD Camera

E58 Eachine comes with a built-in 2MP FPV enabled HD camera that captures high definition photographs and videos.

Eachine E58 FPV WiFi feature allows you to connect this foldable pocket drone to your phone through wifi so that you can enjoy live video transmission.

This unique real-time streaming feature will surely take your photography to the next level, and you will be amazed by this in-flight experience.

Eachine E58 pocket drone review about live fpv transmission

Easy To Fly Features

Eachine is committed to providing the next level of flying experience to all users, with innovative features that are easy to use. Some of those extraordinary features are listed below.

Altitude hold mode

It is a handy feature, especially for beginners. It enables you to capture those great shots you always wanted while hovering stably.

Eachine E58 pocket drone review about altitude mode and auto hover mode

You can easily set and lock this Eachine foldable quadcopter at the desired height with just one key and capture breathtaking photos and air selfies reliably at different angles and altitudes.

One Key Take-Off/Landing

Drone Eachine E58 offers a single touch take-off and Landing feature that makes it easy to use for beginners and kids. Pressing the one key button enables the motor of the drone to start and take-off smoothly, similarly it can help a steady Landing.

Eachine E58 drone review about how easy it is to fly for beginners and kids

Furthermore, the inbuilt Return To Home (RTH) feature allows the drone to come back automatically to the transmitter.

Control With Phone

Gravity Sensor mode of this Eachine E58 wifi FPV quadcopter makes the flight easier to control by just moving the phone to the directions you want your drone to move.

This amazing user-friendly feature is very convenient as only slight tilting the phone can make the quadcopter to follow the directions.

You can also control this drone with the Eachine E58 App, which can be downloaded for IOS and Android phones.

Headless mode

This E58 from Eachine has a headless mode that enables it to fly in the direction irrespective of the site it is facing. It can also be helpful when the drone is out of sight, and you are enjoying the live video directly on your phone. Additionally, this feature makes it even easier to control.

Design Your Path

This fantastic Trajectory flight mode lets you design and plans your flight map by merely drawing the path on the phone. This E58 pocket drone will sense it and fly accordingly.

3D Flip & Stunts

Performing stunts and 360 over roll flips is very easy with this DJI clone. You can enjoy the aerial stunt show with the help of this striking feature in three simple steps.

  1. Fly the drone to 2 meters or above height.
  2. Press the 3D flip button on the transmitter.
  3. Push or pull the right control stick to whichever direction.

This quadcopter can be revolved at an angle of 360 to make a better exposure of the surroundings and capture stunning views.

VR Compatible (3D Mode)

You can enjoy the real-time live 3D video by putting the phone in a VR Goggles (not included in Eachine E58 package).

Multiple Speed control

Eachine wants to facilitate users of all experience levels. Therefore this E58 from Eachine offers three-speed modes, slow, medium, and fast.


E58 comes with a foldable transmitter, which is very well designed and identical to the DJI Mavic. The remote controller is extremely lightweight, very well labeled, and built solidly.

Eachine E58 pocket drone review of transmitter & how to fly instruction

It is powered by 3 AA batteries but has to bought separately. You can attach your smartphone to the bottom of the controller.

What is in the box

  • Eachine E58 Rc Quadcopter
  • Remote Controller (Foldable)
  • 500mAh Battery x 3
  • Charging Cable (USB)
  • Protection Guards x 4
  • Extra propeller Blades with clips x 4
  • Screwdriver
  • User Manual (Instructions)
Eachine E58 pocket drone review and instructions to use

How To Fly Eachine E58

Eachine E58 pocket drone review of how to fly

Why Buy Eachine E58

  • It’s an excellent product that is easy to control for beginners. 
  • This E58 foldable drone can be easily operated directly from smartphones via the Eachine APP.
  • Its easily folding structure is easy to carry, makes it the perfect choice for travelers.
  • Auto-hover mode makes it easy to capture 720p high-resolution pictures from different altitudes.
  • Wide-angle HD Wi-Fi transmission can let you visualize above live horizon videos directly on your phones. 
  • It can be connected to your phone even on mountains where there will be no Wi-Fi access, through its built-in Wi-Fi.
  • The Trajectory feature enables you to draw the flight path from the phone, and the drone will automatically set to follow the directed path.
  • You do not have to worry if any of the arms brokes down. It comes with an extra drone arm, which can be replaced easily. 
  • The 3D flip mode is an exceptional feature of Eachine E58, which enables us to perform aerial stunts smoothly. 
  • One-key take-off and Landing mode makes it easy to fly, even for kids and beginners.
  •  The emergency landing feature helps to avoid collisions.
  • RTH (Return to Home) feature allows the drone to fly back from where it took off. This feature is also useful when the drone is out of sight.


  • You can design your flight route via smartphone.
  • It comes with propeller guards to minimize breakage in case of a crash landing.
  • You can enjoy real-time transmission directly on your phone.
  • Since it is VR headset compatible, therefore you can experience 3D live video.
  • Thanks to RTH (Return To Home) mode, you don’t have to worry about losing your E58.
  • Impress everyone by performing breathtaking stunts and flips with just a single key.
  • Eachine E58 offer multiple speed modes, to satisfy beginner to expert level users.
  • You can control this baby Mavic via your phone with the help of the Eachine App.


  • Controlling is a bit difficult in the steady wind for beginners.
  • It records videos at 20 fps.

Verdict Of Eachine E58 Drone Review

Considering everything mentioned above about Eachine E58 quadcopter, it is the highly recommended drone with exceptional features and a high definition camera. It can capture photographs and footage from different angles and offers a real-time video transmission directly on your phones. 

It is capable of performing all those functions that you have ever imagined performing. The most important part you don’t even need posses professional or amazing flying skills to enjoy this pleasant experience.

Being a beginner, you can still take a step towards buying this fantastic product carrying your photography experience to the next level without any further delay.

If you find this article useful, please share with other drone lovers so that they can experience the outstanding exposure, and capture breathtaking moments by this incredible Eachine E58.

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