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Pinpoint Review of Holy Stone F181W FPV WiFi Drone – Best Holy Stone Chaser Smart Drone.

You must be a drone enthusiast or maybe a beginner looking for the smartest drone out here. Well, your search ends here. Holy Stone has come up with its latest drone F181W, which has got the most stylish and worth-buying features. 

The best part about Holy Stone quadcopters is that they make great beginner drones for teens and beginners. But at the same time, those beginner drones can go fast enough so it’s not boring for a more experienced flyer.

Holy Stone F181W Drone review

Key Features

  • 20 Minutes of flying time
  • Full HD camera
  • Gesture control selfie option
  • Aerial stunts and 3D flips
  • Design your flight path
  • Live Video Transmission

This drone lets you improve your skills by leveling up challenges. Ever since the drones have been evolved in the consumer markets, the drone competition became tough. 

Well, if you are a newbie and are set to go on with your drone flying experience, Holy Stone f181w is one of the best drones you can treat yourself. 

In this review of F181W drone by Holy Stone, with the help of our detailed findings from the appearance, to the distinguishing features, we have gathered richly authentic information for you in a much readable form. 

So, let us take you to have a quick look at them.

Appearance Of Holy Stone F181W Drone:

Before you find out what how does Holy Stone f181w looks like, let us tell you something?

Of course, Holy Stone f181w is a “ready to fly” drone, though you would need to assemble the parts that come manually with the drone with the help of the instruction manual provided, which is not that hard to comprehend.

The Holy Stone f181w is outfitted with the durable blades screwed that are fixed tightly. Although, the overall body design is typically similar to other toy-drones having a camera installed beneath the body.


Flying Range50 – 100 meters
Flying Time15-20 Minutes
CameraFull HD
Charging Time60 – 90 minutes
Unique FeatureTrajectory Mode


There are many such features of the Holy stone f181w drone that will prove for you to be unique than other toy drone

Holy Stone F181W Drone's review about its features

FOV HD Wi-Fi Camera

Holy Stone F181W WIfi Fpv Drone review about HD camera

Holy Stone F181W is equipped with a high-quality full HD 1080P full angled Wi-Fi camera that enables you to shoot top resolution videos and capture quality photos while flying, covering all directions. At this price, you usually get a drone without a camera.

The lens captures the crystal clear images, and the resolution power of videos is 1280×720 pixels. 

FPV Live Video Transmission

Holy Stone f181w is outfitted with the Wi-Fi module, which offers FPV (first-person view) real-time video transmission that enables you to visualize everything that your device has been visioning. 

Control Your F181W Drone Via Phone

Holy Stone F181W WIfi Fpv Drone review about app control

You can also download the Holy Stone F181 FPV application on your smartphone to have control over your drone. Either way, it is fine. It also allows you to see what you are filming or taking a picture on your phone.

Battery & Flying Time:

This affordable drone comes with two durable batteries. Therefore, the drone offers doubled flight time. 

The battery size of this quadcopter is 750mAh, and the battery required to power the Controller is 4 X 1.5V AA. 

The total flight you can enjoy is restricted to 20 minutes (with 2 batteries), while the entire charging duration is of 60 to 90 minutes. 

Built-in 6-axis Gyroscope:

The Holy stone f181w has a built-in advance 6-axis gyroscope that ensures safe and stable flight experience. 

It helps to impose immediate responses and provides enough assurance to the quadcopter to fight the resistance of slightly fast blowing winds. 

Headless Mode:

In simple terms, headless mode is a method implemented on a drone that allows pilots to stop worrying about the position of the drone.

Holy Stone F181W WIfi Fpv Drone review about headless mode feature

Holy Stone f181w offers the headless mode feature, which helps to fly it very easy, without worrying about remembering the front and backside of the drone.

This feature is specifically designed for the selfie enthusiasts who want their video shot in almost every direction. Check out the best headless mode drones.

Altitude Hold:

This is an excellent feature, specially built for the beginners who do not have much experience with flying drones, as the Holy Stone f181 would hold its position effectively according to the response. 

Holy Stone F181W WIfi Fpv Drone rebiew about Altitude hold mode

Besides that, an altitude hold feature allows your throttle stick to release out, which will let you keep shooting while the drone is hovering at the adjusted height.

Aerial Stunts & 3D Flips:

With the built-in advanced 6-axis gyroscope, controlling the drone while flying is super easy.

The Holy Stone f181w drone can perform breathtaking 3D flips by just one click. 

Holy Stone F181W WIfi Fpv Drone review about 3d flips and stunts

This feature is responsible for attracting several drone enthusiasts towards Holy stone f181w and also those who love to shoot intensely in all the possible directions. 

One key take-off and landing:

With just a single click, you can make Holystone f181 take off and land in towards the direction of the transmitter. 

This feature is highly convenient and user-friendly, which makes Holy Stone f181w the first choice for the beginners.


  • Follow the manual instruction accordingly to assemble up the drone, as a minor mistake in fixing would create inconvenience while flying. Also, the drone might get carried away with the fast blowing winds (worst case scenario). 
  • Always keep an eye over the battery charge level, as if the battery drained entirely during the flight, the drone can crash.


We want your insights to be more explicit, so here is the evaluated comparison between Holy Stone F181W Drone and Holy Stone F181C Drone.

Holy Stone F181W WIfi Fpv Drone compared to Holy Stone F181c drone

The Holy Stone F181C is the same physical quadcopter as its younger brother the F181W.

Both of the models come with guard blades so you can cope with some collisions if you are a beginner.

The remote transmitter is almost the same as the F181W, except it offers a phone holder.

Holy Stone F181W WIfi Fpv Drone review about transmitter

One button controls:

Holy Stone f181c also offers a single key take-off and landing button and headless mode. Which helps to control your Holy Stone when you are just learning. Don’t forget that this drone also offers a one-button return button. This will hopefully prevent it from falling if you lose control.

Flight Time:

Comparatively, the Holy Stone f181w drone is offering more battery flight time, which is 20 minutes than that of Holy Stone f181c, which is hardly 9 minutes.

Speed Control Modes:

Unlike the Holy Stone f181w drone, there are total four-speed control modes in the Holy Stone f181c that range from low to high. Because of these multiple speed options, you can also fly this drone indoors and quickly improve your flight ability.


The Holy Stone f181w has a 1080P full HD Wi-Fi camera while the Holy Stone f181c has got a 720P HD camera, with the slot available for 4GB SSD card.

Although, the Holy Stone f181c drone cannot be connected with the phone since it has no FPV feature like the Holy Stone f181w.


Holy Stone F181W WIfi Fpv Drone offers excellent LED lights

The Holy Stone f181c is outfitted with the LED light that ensures an insightful view of the night, while the Holy Stone f181w does not have that feature.


All the fantastic features that this F181w holy stone drone has to offer are hard to find in every other drone and that too, at a convincing price. It is undoubtedly the quadcopter worth of purchasing. 

The Holy Stone f181w drone has many incredible features, dual battery, and excellent camera quality that takes a stunning air selfie. If you prefer to control your drone with your phone, this Holy Stone F181W will be the best option for you.

In a nutshell, the F181w is the best drone for beginners. Step up and have the best flying experience at a dirt-cheap price. 

We hope that we have provided substantial details along with all the pros of the drone for you. Do not forget to leave feedback. If you have any queries, ask away!

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