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Precise Review of The ScharkSpark SS41: The Beetle Shaped Drone

Are you looking for a high-quality drone with the latest features at an affordable price? Well, your search is over. ScharkSpark has launched its newest drone, ScharkSpark ss41, which is now available on Amazon.


Key Features

  • Dual HD Camera
  • Dual Control Option
  • 16 minutes of flying time
  • Smart Beauty Lens
  • Gesture Control Selfie
  • Easy To Fly

The attractive shimmering body of the Scharkspark SS41 drone is beetle shaped. This user-friendly quadcopter offers excellent features, including dual HD camera, gesture control mode, long-lasting battery, and much more to give you a fantastic drone experience.

In this review of the ScharkSpark SS41 drone, we have covered almost every important aspect of this drone precisely for you all. So, without any further delay, let us begin on a journey of exploring all the fantastic features of this newly launched dashing drone.


  • Weight – 120 grams
  • Flight Time – Approximately 16 minutes
  • Charging Time – Around 150 minutes
  • Flying Range – 100 meters
  • LED Lights – Yes
  • Powered by – 1000mAh battery


The first thing that struck in the mind of a buyer is how their newly purchased product is going to look.

Design & Color

ScharkSpark SS41 is a mid-size quadcopter and bears a captivating beetle shape, that is why it is also known as a beetle drone. With the flat black nose in the center carried by a substantial body, it reflects a cute beetle that is easy to fly and control for beginners.

SCHARKSPARK DRONE SS41 REVIEW of beetle quadcopter

ScharkSpark SS41 drone has got a shimmering and glossy aerodynamic body with a black nose and overall orange color. The shape and color of this beetle drone make it more interesting.

Body & Size

This ScharkSpark drone is compact, and the weight only 120 grams, therefore you can easily carry it with yourself while traveling.

  • Length – 11.4 inches
  • Width – 10.8 inches
  • Height – 2.4 inches

ScharkSpark believes in quality and aims that the users can enjoy their products for a longer time. This SS41 beetle drone is crafted elegantly with ABS solid plastic, which offers excellent durability.

It is equipped with two motors that act shock observers, collectively keeping you less stressed about your flight.


Let us now get you introduced with ScharkSpark SS41 drone’s amazing features, which makes this drone different from other drones.

Dual HD Camera

One of the biggest reasons for this ScharkSpark drone getting famous is its double camera feature, which offers you the best quality images and videos.

Dual Camera Scharkspark drone ss41 beetle review

The front camera is 1080p Full HD, while the bottom cam is HD 720p with the real-time viewing FPV mode for capturing breathtaking photos from the height.

8-Axis Gyroscope

For you to experience the quality and steady flight, beetle SS41 is offering you precise and straightforward flight controls with its modified built-in 8-axis gyroscope.

Multiple Speed Modes

ScharkSpark Drone SS41 offers three intelligent speed modes that suit not only beginners but expert pilots as well. With the prolonged flight time of about 14 to 16 minutes (using a newly designed battery), you can have a fun adventure with your advanced toy drone.

Beauty Lens & Anti-Shaking Feature

This amazing feature is best suited for selfie enthusiasts to capture high resolution, innovative and, cool selfies using beauty lenses. Surely it is the best selfie drone in the market.

features review of ScharkSparak drone ss41 beetle

Your photos become more transparent than ever with ScharkSpark SS41 anti-shaking feature and not even a mild disturbance can affect your photo quality. This feature gives tough challenges to competitors.

Easy To Perform Flips & Stunts

One of ScharkSpark SS41’s impressive feature is performing breathtaking aerial stunts like professionals, by pressing a single dedicated button on a transmitter. Thanks to its 360-degree flips, it catches attention from everyone around.

Gesture Control & Face Recognition

This smartly designed ScharkSpark drone offers gesturing features for face-recognizing, open palm and, victory signs. You can easily capture amazing selfies through its gesture control mode by making specific gestures mentioned above.

Gesture control feature of scharkspark ss41 beetle drone review

You can launch your SS41 beetle drone with automatic takeoff and landing using its gesturing feature. This drone obeys your commands, which makes it the best user-friendly quadcopter.

Lost Control Feature

Unluckily, your drone gets crashed, and you have to hustle for its safe landing. Wait!

Safety is the primary concern for ScharkSpark. Therefore you don’t have to go through that as the ScharkSpark SS41 beetle drone offers a lost-control feature that gets activated when the signals are lost. However, your quadcopter will safely land back at home.

Optical Flow Positioning

Another handy feature that makes SS41 beetle the best drone for the beginners is its built-in optical positioning feature.

scharkspark drone ss41 the beetle review

The drone has few integrated orientation sensors that help you to have a much flexible and steady flight. With its hovering mode on, you can shoot high definition HD videos and capture photos using the angle of your own choice.

Best Drone To Fly At Night

Now that you got familiar with all the necessary features, here is to tell you that you will not be able to fly this quadcopter only in day-light. Still, you can conveniently fly this ScharkSpark drone in the night, because of its mighty bright LED lights. It is one of the best drones to fly at night as a hobbyist.


ScharkSpark ss41 is loaded with the modular battery that offers up to 16 minutes of flight time so that you experience a long and substantial flight.

The quadcopter utilizes 1000mAh battery that takes around 150 minutes to charge fully. Keep in mind to charge your battery with the drone’s original USB charger for protection from any harm.


The beetle SS41 comes with a handy remote controller that feels light in hands without tiring out your fingers, which makes it the best ergonometric drone.

The range of the controller is about 100 meters. Though for a much more convenient experience, you can install ScharkSpark Application on your smartphone for viewing the direct streamline as your drone flies high without any disruption.

What is in the box

  • Scharkspark SS41 Bettle Drone
  • 1000mAh Battery
  • Transmitter (Remote Controller)
  • Extra Propellers
  • Propeller Guards
  • Small Screwdriver
  • Charging Cable (USB)
  • User Manual (Instructions)


  • Dual HD camera.
  • Affordable Price.
  • Dual live FPV video transmission. (Split-screen & switchable)
  • Multi-speed modes. (Suitable for beginners to expert)
  • No worry of losing the drone.
  • Smooth & steady flight.
  • Dual control options. (Transmitter & Phone via App)
  • Protection guards for more safety.


  • No SD card slot.
  • Long charging time.

Verdict Of ScharkSpark Drone SS41 Review

Even a beginner can fly ScharkSpark quadcopter SS41 like a pro with all its easy to use and fun features. You can even fly your ScharkSpark ss41 quadcopter with heavy winds blowing with its double-layered protective concrete body.

The beetle ss41 has proved to be the best selling product since it bears more than enough features for a toy drone, which is under $100.  

That’s all, folks. I’m genuinely hopeful that I have provided you a precise review of the ScharkSpark SS41 drone, and it was worth reading before you go and Buy ScharkSpark Drone SS41 The beetle.

If you are searching for more budget drones, Check our quadcopter buying guides for every budget.

If you have any queries, ask out in the comment section below. Do not forget to leave feedback and share this article with other drone enthusiasts.

Thank you!

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