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Are you finding the best selfie drones to take your selfie game to the next level? But not sure which drone to buy? You are in the right place.

For the past few years, photo selfies have an essential place in our society thanks to social media networks. Many celebrities, influencers, and people active on social media who always upload selfies on their social media accounts.

Simple selfie sticks are almost out of fashion since quadcopters have quickly offered a whole new dimension to capture selfies from the sky. We have seen the emergence of new, easy-to-use models and a real desire from manufacturers to make the practice of drone selfie more open, by offering more and more automated flight modes on their drones.

Most selfie quadcopters on the market in 2022 will take quite decent photos. They will give you a different viewing angle, which is difficult to achieve using simple sticks or ordinary cameras. In this article post, we will discuss why to buy a selfie drone and which drone to choose.

We’ve listed some of the best selfie drones below that you can buy in 2022, along with their specs and why you should consider them.

List & Comparison Chart For Best Selfie Quadcopter Drones


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1Mavic Mini by DJI

12 MP HDCheck Latest Price
2Yuneec Mantis

4K UHDCheck Latest Price
3Ryze Tello by DJI

5 MP HDCheck Latest Price
4DJI Spark

12 MP Full HDCheck Latest Price
5Zerotech Dobby

Full HDCheck Latest Price
6DJI Mavic Pro

4K Full HDCheck Latest Price
7Yuneec Breeze 4K

13 MP 4K Full HDCheck Latest Price
8Air Selfie Camera

5 MP Full HDCheck Latest Price

1: DJI Mavic Mini – The Best Aerial Selfie Drone For 2022

DJI Mavic Mini is the best pocket selfie drone on Amazon.

The DJI Mavic Mini is certainly the trendiest and best pocket selfie drone around, and it is undoubtedly the best quadcopter drone for beginners.

It has an impressive flight time of 30 minutes and can fly for about 5 kilometers (3.1 miles). This amazing long-distance pocket selfie drone allows you to take aerial shots securely thanks to its incredible onboard technology.

It is a compact size foldable drone that weighs less than 250 grams. Thus, there is no need to register this drone with the FAA. Since the drone can easily fit into a pocket, it is easy to carry and travel. 

It supports 12MP aerial pictures along with 2.7K videos. This mini quadcopter drone comes with an SD card to store videos and images. The 3-axis stabilized camera will allow you to take selfies in just a few clicks.

2: Yuneec Mantis – Selfie Quadcopter With Long Flying Time

Yuneec Mantis is the best selfie drone

The Yuneec Mantis is a micro foldable selfie drone. It has some impressive features and manages to keep a light and compact design, so it is easy to carry. It also has a great battery life of about 33 minutes.

Mantis offers automatic flight modes that most users want, including voice control feature, facial detection, gesture control option, and stunning 4K camera to capture amazing selfies.

The drone can fly at a speed of 44 miles per hour. The remote controller is simple to use for users of all levels. You can also control this pocket selfie drone from your smartphone via an app.

Although, it compromises quite a bit on the quality of the drone. The absence of mechanical stabilization and obstacle avoidance technology makes it possible to offer a competitive price. You can also fly this Yuneec Mantis drone indoors.

3: Ryze Tech Tello By DJI – Cheap Nano Selfie Quadcopter Drone

DJI Ryze Tech Tello is at #3 for best selfie drone.

This nano quadcopter drone is relatively powerful for such a low price. It is very durable, a feature that you will appreciate if you are new to flying drones, as it is almost sure that you will crash it several times during your first few trips.

It looks more like a toy drone, mainly because it’s lightweight and small, as it can easily fit in the palm of your hand. This Tello drone can fly for 13 minutes. The drone is so simple to fly that even beginners and teenagers can fly this quadcopter quickly. 

The 5-megapixel camera produces good quality photos and is perfect for capturing a selfie or video in a particular place. You can also easily share your pictures and videos on social media.

4: DJI Spark – Best Easy To Fly Selfie Quadcopter By DJI

DJI Spark is at # 4 for best selfie drones on amazon

DJI’s new drone Spark is a concentrate of technology intended mainly for beginners wishing to touch video and lovers of selfies. It is easy to launch thanks to the Quick Launch feature.

You can control this Spark drone through hand gestures. Furthermore, you can also take selfies with simple gestures. It also offers an amazing Active Track feature which shots while tracking a person or object. Spark lets you enjoy live video feed from the drone to your smartphone.

This mini quadcopter drone can fit in the palm of your hand and offers a whole host of intelligent flight modes and sensors for obstacle detection and avoidance. Besides, this Spark drone is compatible with 3D VR headset.

5: Zerotech Dobby – Best Starter Full HD Selfie Drone

The Zerotech Dobby is the best pocket drone for selfies with an HD camera. Its control is based on your gestures mainly, but you can also via the smartphone app that is provided.

Facial recognition and dual satellite positioning are present, all nicely packaged in a pocket-sized dobby selfie drone that you can take with you anywhere. You can easily see and share your pictures from within the app in an instant.

We particularly like this selfie drone because it is incredibly light and weighs less than 200 grams. The picture quality is not bad for this type of model. It remains an entry-level drone at this price, and we are far from rendering the best video drones.
It can fly for around 9-10 minutes, which should be enough to bombard you and your friends with amazing selfies.

6: DJI Mavic Pro – 4K UHD Selfie Quadcopter Drone For $1000

DJI Mavic Pro is the best foldable pocket selfie drone in 2020 on Amazon

Although it is not specifically a selfie drone, the Mavic Pro has integrated gesture control, which allows its user to take selfies automatically via the smart Gesture feature.

Until now, gesture control technology on DJI drones was not 100% reliable, and you often needed to pick up on it a few times until you could pull off a successful take. Although after getting the hang of it, the Mavic transforms into a selfie beast. It certainly sets itself apart from other drones in this area.

This drone is made for people who are on the road often and need a reliable quadcopter that can be quickly deployed in 1-2 minutes, unlike most other larger quadcopters. This amazing DJI drone cost 1000 dollars. If budget is an issue for you, you can also consider buying this DJI Mavic Pro clone drone for less than $100.

The Mavic Pro has many impressive features, and it captures quality photos and video shots. Because of the sensor size, the results are generally entirely satisfactory even if it is true that you will probably have to retouch your images a little in post.

DJI has launched Mavic Pro 2, which is the latest Version of the Mavic Pro. Check this page to find out.

7: Yuneec Breeze 4K UHD Rc Selfie Quadcopter Under $500

Yuneec Breeze is at # 5 for best selfie drones

Yuneec’s response to their competition is called Breeze. It has an Ultra HD 4K camera for video and a 13MP sensor for photos. It offers 5 automated intelligent flight modes to get the best shots (Selfie, Pilot, Orbit, Journey, Follow Me) and with its design with folding propellers and its weight feather, it is undoubtedly one of the lightest and most portable selfie drones of the moment.

The Breeze allows you to share all your photos on most social media apps instantly, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google+ and Flickr, which will appeal to blogging and social media enthusiasts.

Although, the drone can lose WiFi connectivity and signal outdoors, and sometimes flying this drone indoors can be a challenge. Furthermore, the flight time is limited to 10 minutes, and it misses the image stabilization feature.

8: Air Selfie Camera Drone

Air Selfie Camera drone is at # 7 for best selfie drones

The Air Selfie is a handheld device that takes a selfie of you and your friends with fantastic ease. The 5MP camera captures the images and stores on a 4GB built-in SD memory card. 

It can hover up to 20 meters in height and flies for around 3 minutes. It is much less than its competition, but keep in mind that it is a drone that fits your pocket. 

You can control this selfie drone from your smartphone. The quadcopter weighs only 52 grams, and it slips into its cover, which automatically recharges it.

Although it is not very rich in features, this device is undoubtedly one of the most interesting selfie drones.

The great thing about selfie quadcopters is that they are accessible to newcomers. With their ease of use, you don’t need to be an experienced pilot to get the most out of them.

For a selfie drone, several factors determine the quality of the end product, including portability, camera quality, intelligent flight features, battery life, control range, and obstacle detection sensors. All of these features can create a Selfie drone capable of producing high-quality videos and photos that you will want to share.



Do you like to post on social networks like Facebook and Twitter to let your family or friends know what you are doing?

You will love the footage that you will be able to capture using a Selfie Drone. Your social media friends will be impressed with your photos and videos, and you might even get noticed and hired by a professional to produce content.

For example, if you have a barbecue on the weekends, you can shoot aerial footage. The selfie drone will make unique and spectacular photos and videos. Because of the ease with which you can record content using a Selfie drone, you can post to your social networks more often, which means that your followers will feel closer to you and more interested in knowing what you are doing.


Selfie drones are a treat for travelers. It is because these typical drones don’t weigh next to anything and can be folded up to fit in your pocket or tuck into your backpack.

For the majority of travelers, the luggage they carry is generally limited in size. Therefore, the small size of the quadcopters allows travelers to take the pocket selfie quadcopter drone wherever they go. The drone’s low weight will not have a significant impact on the total baggage weight when checking in at the airport. It also means they can fit in the pocket and be taken on hikes.


As a professional or hobbyist content creator, you don’t need to buy the best drones like the DJI Phantom 4 Pro or the DJI Inspire 2. A 4k selfie drone can help you capture High-quality footage on the go.

A professional content creator may use such a drone while traveling or need a portable selfie drone to shoot unexpectedly. Of course, more serious options like the 3DR Solo offer more versatility, but having a Selfie drone as an alternative is useful for any content creator.


For those who are not familiar with how drones work, it might be worth investing in a Selfie drone to get started. These drones can be used at home to practice flying. If you crash the drone, the damage won’t be too much as it will likely move slower. Besides, there is no wind to fight at home, making it easier to learn to fly.

Plus, as an inexperienced drone user, you might be hesitant to spend a lot of money on your first drone. A Selfie drone is generally less expensive due to its small size compared to a drone, larger with similar features. Hence, you can make a small investment while still getting a bunch of features with your drone.



For those selfie drone buyers looking for portability above all else, you should pay attention to the drone’s size. However, the size of the drone in operation isn’t the only thing you should pay attention to. Some selfie pocket drones have a smart design and can be folded down to reduce their size significantly.

The drone can be folded by bending the 4 propellers into the body of the drone. While all of the selfie quadcopters in our ranking are relatively portable, some are more portable than others. There are even a few models that, when folded, can easily fit in your pocket. It is great if you want to capture footage anywhere you go, even at night out with friends.


The primary purpose of a Selfie drone is to take good quality photos and videos. Nowadays, you can buy a selfie quadcopter with a 4K camera capable of shooting great videos. For pictures, the resolution you can expect is 12MP, but other options offer even more.

Ideally, choose a drone with a 3-axis gimbal. The gimbal stabilizes the drone’s camera and does not cause the camera to move unexpectedly.


Ideally, a Selfie drone user should be able to have their hands free when their drone is filming them. For this to be possible, an intelligent flight function must be available on the drone.

The “Follow me” feature allows the drone to follow and shots you automatically. This option is useful because you don’t need to fly the drone while taking pictures of yourself manually.

You can also choose the “Orbit” function to make the drone fly around you in a circle. It allows you to create content from all angles around you.


A downside to some of the cheaper Selfie quadcopters is the lack of battery life. Not being able to spend more than 10 minutes filming yourself is very limiting.

The more competitive Selfie quadcopters have a battery life of 20 to 30 minutes. This is the ideal length of time to create a YouTube video, for example.

You can otherwise purchase additional batteries to increase the length of time you can use the drone.


Making your Selfie drone crash is the last thing you want. Therefore, investing in a drone that has an obstacle avoidance function is ideal. This feature means that the drone uses sensors to detect obstacles around it. Then, the drone adapts its flight and trajectories to avoid getting too close to these obstacles.

Drones that offer this feature tend to cost more, but the extra cost is worth the investment. The obstacle avoidance feature reduces the chances of damaging the drone and therefore needing to make repairs.

Also, check our drone buying guides for all budgets below.

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