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Precise Review of Snaptain A15: The Foldable Drone

Do you desire to have a drone with all the features that previous drones collectively have, in a much-modified form? Well, let us introduce you all with a newly released voice-controlled foldable drone by Snaptain. This US-based drone manufacturer has launched its new drone SNAPTAIN A15 recently. 

snaptain a15 foldable drone review and key features

Key Features

  • Easy To Fly
  • HD Camera
  • Voice Control Mode
  • Dual Batteries
  • 3D VR Supported
  • Dual Controlling Options
  • Affordable Price

From speed modes feature to fantastic camera quality, this amazing drone has a blast of breathtaking features that will blow your mind. It has got a unique and specialized option of “commands over voice” that differentiates this A15 drone different from previously launched quadcopters. 

After flying this amazing drone for hours and discovering all the cool features of this foldable drone, we have gathered all the information for you. 

Let us now get started with Snaptain A15 foldable drone comprehensive review about its sleek design and smart features.


  • Camera: 720p HD Camera
  • Flying Time: About 16 minutes
  • Flying Range: About 80 meters
  • Product Dimensions: 11.4 x 7.8 x 3.1 inches
  • Package Weight: About 650 grams

Design & Appearance:

The Snaptain A15 quadcopter is blessed with the most stylish design, which delivers a professional look. 

It has a pitch-black colored body that is crafted with thick and durable ABS plastic, that helps your A15 drone less prone to crashes and damages. 

snaptain a15 foldable fpv wifi drone review

This drone comes with a foldable design. The incredibly lightweight and compact size makes this A15 easier to carry within your backpack and has an adventurous flight anywhere you want. 

Although it is a nano quadcopter, its foldable structure is highly flexible and provided with sheer strength. 

Features & Specifications:

This section covers the overall performance features and essential specifications for you. 

Snaptain offers a set of crucial features that makes it a successful drone. Any beginner level user can easily control the rolling of this foldable FPV Wi-Fi drone.


The A15 drone by Snaptain is equipped with a wide-angled 720p HD quality camera that captures high-resolution panoramic pictures, videos and air selfies.

snaptain a15 foldable fpv drone review

In addition to this, Snaptain A15 foldable fpv drone offers a 120-degree fisheye camera, which is rare to find at this price tag. The clear camera vision lets you have the best aerial shooting experience.

Live FPV Video Transmission:

snaptain a15 foldable fpv wifi drone review

FPV (first-person view) live video feature would never fail to amaze you, as you can enjoy the live video transmission right on your phone screen. With the built-in Wi-Fi module, real-time transmission ensures you a whole new experience with precise camera results.

Altitude Hold Option:

Are you a sky enthusiast, then do not miss the chance to fly SNAPATIN A15 foldable FPV wifi drone. This amazing drone features the altitude hold option that increases the stability while operating, and you can capture excellent images and videos at any height or position.

snaptain a15 foldable drone review of altitude hold feature

Headless Mode:

If you are a beginner and your fear of losing control over your drone scare you away from flying drones? Well, with the Snaptain A15 drone, you don’t have to worry about it. 

A15 by Snaptain is equipped with the headless mode, which enables the drone to come right back towards the direction of the controller instead of crashing. 

Additionally, with the help of a headless feature, the drone can fly in any direction, irrespective of whatever direction it is facing.

Multiple Speed Modes:

You can surely improve your flying skills with this A15 foldable drone, as it features three-speed modes. If you are a beginner or entry-level user, then you can start with a low-speed mode and can gradually master your skills till high-speed mode. This useful feature makes this quadcopter very easy to fly. 

Voice Controlled Drone:

The fact that A15 quadcopter will leave you amazed meets the point that it offers a highly responsive and active feature of VOICE CONTROL. 

snaptain a15 foldable voice controlled drone review about voice command feature

This drone is programmed with the latest technology feature of Command Over Voice by which the drone will follow the voice commands like “take-off, go right, go left, or land.” Sounds fun, right? This fantastic feature will surely push you to buy this voice-controlled done.

Phone Controlled Drone:

This A15 offers built-in gravity sensors, which enables this foldable quadcopter to be controlled by the move of your smartphone.

snaptain a15 foldable drone review about APP control via gravity mode and  transmitter control

Trajectory Flying Mode:

Snaptain loves innovations, and the company is always determined to bring something new for its users. 

snaptain a15 foldable drone review of trajectory mode

The Snaptain A15 allows you to install its APP on your smartphone and create a pathway in the App interface. The A15 drone will fly by following your created path. This stunning feature increases the worth of this foldable fpv drone.

3D Stunts and Flips:

You can amaze your surrounding audiences with the Snaptain A15 drone’s breathtaking flips and 3D rolls. It is effortless to perform such stunts and 360 flips.

Led Lights:

This foldable drone has a built-in bright LED lights, which will never compromise on your flying experience as you would fly A15 in moonlight too. Sounds exciting, right?

One-Key Features:

It is easy to control this Snaptain drone with the help of the single-key return to home feature. With the help of this useful feature, you can call back your drone to the point where it took-off, by tapping just one button.

Similarly, you can take-off and land this drone easily with a dedicated button. 

VR HeadSet Compatible:

The Snaptain A15 quadcopter is compatible with the Virtual Reality 3D headset. Using a 3D VR headset while flying A15 drone is the next level experience. I love this amazing feature by Snaptain.


Since safety is the hallmark of Snaptain, therefore A15 drone comes with two easy to charge modular batteries. Modular batteries provide more strength and durability along with longer life. These modular batteries are quite simpler to plug in and charge with safety.

Flying Time & Range:

As this folding A15 drone comes with dual battery, therefore the flying time of this drone has also been increased. Now, the flyer can have a prolonged flight time. 

With the double modular batteries contained in the Snaptain A15 drone, the flight time is doubled as well. Each one of the batteries offers a flying duration of 8 minutes so that you can enjoy the total flight time of around 16 minutes. 

Moreover, the flying range is about 80 meters, which is quite decent for the drone under 200 dollars.

What Is In The Box

snaptain a15 foldable drone review and instruction to use
  • Snaptain A15h drone
  • Li-Ion battery removable x 2
  • Transmitter (Remote Controller)
  • Protective propeller guards x 4
  • USB charger
  • Extra rotor blades set x 2
  • Extra screws
  • Screwdriver
  • User Manual (Instructions)


  • Compact and foldable structure. (Ideal for travelers)
  • High definition 720p Camera, with live FPV transmission.
  • Dual controlling options. (Transmitter & SmartPhone)
  • 3D VR (Virtual Reality) headset compatible.
  • Affordable price.
  • The dual battery offers longer flight duration of about 16 minutes.
  • Multiple speed modes, to satisfy the fly thirst of all level users.
  • Voice command option.
  • Easy to perform 3D flips & stunts.
  • Easy to share pictures and videos on social media.
  • iOS and Android supported APP


  • Flight range is limited to 80 meters
  • No SD Card slot, therefore memory can’t be extended.

Why Choose Snaptain A15 Foldable Drone?

There are plenty of reasons to buy Snaptain A15, and we have listed a few of them. 

  • You can carry Snaptain A15 drone with you anywhere, because of its foldable body, compact size, and extremely lightweight. 
  • It has a professional HD camera, well suited for sky drone flying enthusiasts who love capturing amazing photos and footage from the sky.
  • With its fantastic propulsion force, you can fly your foldable A15 drone indoors and outdoors both.
  • All the features that Snaptain A15 foldable pocket quadcopter offers are very user-friendly.
  • Double batteries ensure an extensive flying experience and more fun.
  • The fascinating feature of voice controlling is rare to find for such affordable price drones.

Safety Tips:

DronesHeaven truly cares for your safety, so we are giving you some safety tips so that you can avoid any mishap.

  • To unfold carefully, you would need to open the rear arms before opening the front arms of this foldable Snaptain A15 drone. 
  • Empty the rotors shell from small plastics and load the protective guards, provided in the box.
  • It is always advised to remove and charge the provided batteries carefully.
  • If you are a newbie, it is suggested that initially before flying outdoors, attempt the first few indoor flights.

Final Verdict Of Snaptain A15 Foldable Drone Review

With a reasonable price, you can have the coolest drone in the town. Furthermore, A15 drone by Snaptain offers multiple speed modes that let the beginners have their best-ever flying experience.

A15 drone by Snaptain is highly user-friendly, and beginners can improve their flying skills by gradually learning and leveling up. 

Hopefully, we have provided you all the useful and necessary information that you wanted to know.

If you have any queries, suggestions, and comments, feel free to write below in the comment section, we will be responding as quickly as possible. 

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