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Everything You Should Know About SYMA X22W MINI DRONE – Detailed Review

Anyone who is looking for a pocket-sized mini drone, they must get introduced to the Syma X22W. This compact yet efficiently functioning nano quadcopter is marketed as a toy drone for kids most probably because it is really user friendly.

This mini drone is considered as one of the best camera drones among recreational pilots as well as beginners for a dirt-cheap price, although it has so much to offer for a user of any level, period.

We have flown this drone and tested all of its features for like hours to write this article. Therefore, before you go and buy Syma X22W drone, make sure to read all the relevant information about this amazing mini drone.

Now without any delay, let us take you to the comprehensive review of Syma x22w mini drone to discuss its impressive features and specifications.

Syma x22w mini drone review & key features
Syma X22W Drone & Transmitter

Key Features

  • 720P HD Camera
  • FPV Real-Time Transmission
  • Trajectory Flight Mode
  • Adjustable Speed Modes
  • Two Batteries
  • 12 Months Warranty

Syma X22w Specifications

Flight Time7-9 minutes (Single battery)
Charging Time60 minutes approximately
Flying RangeAbout 25 meters
WeightAbout 70 grams
Powered by3.7v 400mAh battery
LED LightsYes
Product Dimensions5.7 x 5.6 x 1.2 inches

Appearance & Aerodynamic Design

The Syma x22w drone has been praised a lot for its impressive look and aerodynamic design. It is mainly because of the jet red coat surrounding its body’s elegant framework. Besides that, it highlights a shiny matte that reflects sunlight.

This nano pocket drone with a camera is made up of high quality thick and durable ABS material. Because of its built quality, it has excellent resistance against rough flights & crashes. Syma has designed this x22w mini drone with secured and advanced features. It is difficult to find such features for drones that cost less than 100 bucks.

With a built-in power button, it is easy to switch it on, whereas many drones at this price range require to plug the battery for activation.



The most distinguishing feature of this Syma drone is its exceptionally high camera quality. It has a built-in FPV 720P HD camera that records high definition fpv videos from the sky.

High-speed picture transmission without any unnecessary delay guarantees excellent quality live and real-time fpv video, which is by far the best features that any cheap toy graded drones can offer.

Syma x22w mini drone camera review

Though this drone does not have an option to adjust camera angles (which might be considered as a drawback), your aerial photography will be quite limited. But that must not hold you back from experiencing its other astonishing features as you will quite find other more exciting features to enjoy. 

Aerial Stunts

This Syma mini drone can perform breathtaking aerial stunts & 360 flips. It also takes-off or even lands with a single button press. Almost all the features are focused on making the flight of this drone as easy as possible.

syma x22w mini drone review as pocket drone with camera

Built-in Barometer

One of the most incredible essential performance features this mini drone has got the built-in barometer, which detects fluctuations and changes in the air under pressure. When any change is detected, the built-in gauge pressures internal air to help in stabilizing this mini drone‘s height.

Altitude Hold

Altitude Hold feature ensures X22w mini drone to Auto-Hover. The drone stays at current height when the hands of the pilot are off the controller. This feature is very convenient for kids & beginners.

syma x22w mini drone review of altitude mode feature

6-Axis Gyroscope

It is also equipped with an updated 6-axis gyroscope that helps keep the drone stabilized to ensure precise and smooth flying.

Headless Mode

Thanks to the Headless flight feature, it does not matter whatever direction the aircraft is heading to, the forward stick will lead it forward, and the backward stick will move it to back direction. All of this set from its current position and initial take-off position.

syma X22w mini drone review of headless mode

Adjustable Speed Modes

It offers adjustable speed levels that are highly useful for new fliers. By bringing in use the adjustable speed modes, both low to high speed can be well-suited for beginners. 

Trajectory Flight Mode

You can draw the path for your X22w to follow over your smartphone, and the drone will fly by following the flight track. It is one of my most favorite features.

syma x22w mini drone review of trajectory mode

Gravity Sensor Control

With having the grip on gravity sensor control (built-in G-sensor), it gets easier to control the drone with the adjustment of the vertical and horizontal position of your smartphone. It requires the SYMA SmartPhone APP that is available to download for iOS and Android phones.


The Syma x22w pocket drone is powered by a 3.7v 400mAh removable battery and supports flight duration of around 7-9 minutes. This mini drone with fpv comes with an extra battery so that you can enjoy a flight time of up to 15 minutes.

Syma x22w mini drone review for battery

Safety Features

This drone offers one key take-off/landing feature, which is such a blessing for beginners. Similarly, low battery alarm, RTH (return to home) feature, and propeller guards ensure additional safety levels.

What Is In The Box

  • SYMA X22W Mini Quadcopter
  • 3.7v 400mAh Battery x 2
  • Remote Controller
  • Extra Propellers x 4
  • Charging Cable (USB)
  • Charging box
  • Mobile Holding Clip
  • Screwdriver
  • User Manual & Instructions

Lets quickly find out some of the pros and cons of this Syma micro quadcopter.


  • Real-Time First Person View Transmission
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Easy To Fly
  • Multiple Speed Options
  • Trajectory Flight Mode
  • One-Touch Take-off / Landing
  • One-Key 360 flips & stunts
  • Extra Battery
  • Extra Propeller Guards
  • Smartphone APP Control


  • Limited Flight Range
  • Not Much Wind Resistant

Why Choose Syma X22w Mini Drone?

User-friendly & Ideal For Kids: 

Flying this Syma fpv drone is very easy, especially for beginners. Thanks to a one-key takeoff/landing feature, all you have to do is press a single button. Also, Real-Time Live FPV Video, Headless Mode, and easy to perform 360 Rolls and Flips features are highly convenient.

Exceptional Gift:

All the kids these days love flying drones. It can be an ideal present for the kids in your family and friends. Also, you can buy this drone for less than 50 bucks.

Not to forget, SYMA X22W comes with a 12 months hassle-free warranty, not only this but 24 hours after-sales service.

Additional Safety:

Propeller’s protective guards are included in the box that ensures additional safety. Since it is made with durable quality ABS material, it has a great ability to absorb sudden shock. Additionally, low battery alert is highly beneficial for kids and beginner-level users.

How to see a video taken by Syma X22w?

The SYMA smartphone application can be used to see live fpv video and the recorded videos on the smartphone. 

Verdict For Syma X22w Mini Drone Review

Before I conclude this Syma review, I have several remarks to share with you. This drone is straightforward to fly. It is one of the best pocket drones with a live camera, designed especially for beginners. The price SYMA X22W mini drone is offering is comparatively lesser than the features it has to offer.

Check out the latest price of this SYMA Mini Drone on AMAZON or read USER REVIEWS.

Hopefully, all the information we have gathered for you will prove to be insightful for your purchase. If you find this review of Syma x22w mini drone helpful, then do share it with your friends and do not forget to leave feedback. 

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